Trabzonspor turns 55 – Trabzonspor (TS) News


In addition to Ahmet Ağaoğlu Chairman and Board members, Trabzon Governor Ismail Ustaoglu, Trabzon Municipal Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu, Council Chairman Mehmet Ongan and Board members, Supervisory Board Chairman Mahmut Ören and Board members Haluk Raci Gençosmanoğlu, Chairman of the Disciplinary Commission and members of the Commission, Hasan Basri Haliscelik President of the Registration Commission and members of the Commission, members of the Commission of Archives and Museums, former managers, former footballers, members and many fans.

The ceremony, which began with a moment of silence and national anthem for the club’s deceased founder and lost values, continued with the presentation of the club’s wreath to the Ataturk monument by president Ahmet Aoor and deputy chairman of the council. Boarding Mehmet Ongan.

After Ahmet Ağaoğlu’s speech, the ceremony was followed by speeches by Mehmet Ongan, Deputy Chairman of the Council’s Chair’s Committee, Murat Zorluoglu, Mayor of Trabzon Municipality and Ismail Ustaoglu, Governor of Trabzon.

Here is Ahmet Aoor’s 55th anniversary speech:

“Dear people of Trabzonspor.

Exactly 55 years ago today, an event took place that marked the city of Trabzon on the golden page of our sporting history.


August 2nd, 1967… One Wednesday, our city’s governor, mayor and administrator of amateur sports clubs gathered in Trabzon’s historic provincial building. After the efforts of the city’s luminaries, the city’s amateur clubs finally said YES to unite and become stronger under the colors of Bordeaux blue: their goal was only one: he. To represent the city of Trabzon, with its long football tradition, in the best possible way in the professional league.

Dear Trabzonspor, Trabzonspor was founded as a result of a very long effort…it is the result of great stubbornness, self-sacrifice and a thousand and one efforts of prominent people of the city, from merchants to administrators Born by

When we say we are a unique club team of effort, struggle and perseverance, we are always referring to the past.

Trabzonspor became champions of the second division in just seven years of existence. Two years after his first debut in his league, he became the biggest player in Turkey. And soon the whole world knew the name of this small city in the far corner of the Black Sea.

8 league titles, 9 Turkish Cups, 3 Super Cups, 7 Presidential Cups, 5 Prime Minister’s Cups… Of course there is also the Cyprus Peace Cup, all of which is in our museum …

Now, this club, this community built on the past, is stepping into the future with the support of its fans.

Today, as the Black Sea Storm enters its 55th year, we are proud to have achieved our goal. At the same time, we continue to work with the determination to further enhance Trabzonspor’s reputation. As an exemplary community, as I always say, we will continue to walk together in solidarity and solidarity.

As President of the Trabzonspor Club, I am honored to be part of this wonderful community.

“I wish Trabzonspor to be with us for many years to come as we take Trabzonspor to the top.

Mehmet Ongan, deputy chairman of the council’s bureaucracy, issued a statement after Ahmet Ağaoğlu. Ongan issued the following statement in his statement:

“We are not here today just for the anniversary of the founding of our football club. gathered to celebrate

I am grateful to the many people who have contributed to this happiness, joy and pride, especially the founding members.

Trabzonspor is what we all have in common. Eleven years later, his two trophies we lifted in 2022 showed that unity and solidarity bring success.

A true Trabzonspor membership is not only about good times and successes, but also about preserving Trabzonspor’s philosophy, traditions and traditions in our roots.

First of all, our board and then our technical staff ensure unity within the club. It should be the duty of all former managers and former sportsmen, especially respected members of the press, to ensure unity outside the club. Trabzonspor Club has always set the bar high. This is what fans expect. However, you should know that this season will be more difficult than last season. Trabzonspor’s faults are blunt, but the Trabzonspor club is not a club that looks opportunistically on a bad day. Patience, not criticism, is expected and demanded from Trabzonspor owners, our dear fans. Patience and time are his two strongest warriors, and when patience and kindness combine, strength is born.

Dear Trabzonspor, today we celebrate the 55th anniversary of Trabzonspor. There is no doubt that all Trabzonspor dynamics will spare their support, on duty or not. On behalf of the Presidency, I would like to take this opportunity to say hello Trabzonspor and pay tribute to President Ali Shulmen. ”

After the speeches, the 55th Anniversary Celebration ended with President Ahmet Aoor presenting a plaque of appreciation to the oldest female member, Neriman Arman, and taking a collective commemorative photo.