Trabzonspor Transfer has started the show! -Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, who wants to maintain the unforgettable league championship title in next season’s Super League and stay successful by staying in the Champions League, the number one club-based organization in Europe, moved yesterday. Exploded the first bomb at. Bordeaux Mabililler announced yesterday that negotiations for four soccer players have begun.

4-year contract …

The Black Sea had a happy ending with the transfer of Evelen Ellen and Dokan Hasporat, who had a great season in Kasimpasa, Jens Stryger Larsen, who got the testimony, and Stefano Denswill, who played for the team. Lending last season. It is expected that midfielder Dokan, who has a contract with Kasimpasah until 2023, and Ellen, who has a contract with Kasumpasha until 2025, will agree in four years.

Landing in Turkey …

It is reported that a 3 + 1 year contract was signed with Denswill, who played for Trabzonspor in the 2021-22 season with a loan from Bologna. In a statement made to Denswill; signing fees of € 1.2 million and € 900,000 for 2022-23 and € 1.2 million and € 950,000 for the seasons 2023-24 and 2024-25. In the case of 2025-26, the annual signature fee is 1.2 million euros and 400,000 euros. Use advanced options. You will be given a signature fee. Finally, Jens Stryger Larsen, who played for Udinese, went to Turkey yesterday and had a medical examination in Ellen, Ducan and Istanbul, is said to sign a three-year contract.

Message from Denswill

After signing a 3 + 1 year contract with Stefano Dens Will, a humorous video was released on Trabzonspor’s Twitter account. Denswill’s speech was dubbed into Turkish with a Black Sea accent. A Dutch soccer player said in a video heading “I have a message from Denswill about the transfer of a local soccer player”, “I heard something, servant, because the contract negotiations with Denswill are in progress. No way. I signed 3 + 1 for today. Even with Hazelnuts. I’m catching up. Get ready for next year. I love you. ”

Mini comment

Larsen’s Solid Defender (Gaetano Maccharo)

He has done well in Udinese in recent years. Despite the fact that his contract was not renewed, he did his best. He didn’t have very good technique, but he did well in the middle low team of the Italian league. He sometimes got a lot of attention for his good performance in attacks. I think the most powerful part of his game is his solid defense. He can play as a full back or as a defensive wing. Playing 3-5-2, he can play in the midfield wing. Udinese has always wanted to extend his contract with Larsen. He also stated this in public. However, tensions between the parties increased in a mysterious way. Eventually, they couldn’t reach an agreement and Larsen will go to Trabzon. I think he will do well in the Super League. I think the fact that the club plays in Europe also influenced his decision.

Doğucan wears it (Tunç Kayacı)

The young star of Kasimpasha in the middle is a full-time worker. This season, the Istanbul team struggled with new formats, especially Sami Uul. Of course, the success of this format brought to the fore an unpleasant name. Everyone talked about goal scorers like Umt Bozok and Mureka. However, there are some invisible heroes in the success story. Such players are very popular, especially for coaches. In my opinion, Doğucan also played an important role in implementing Sami Uğurlu’s tactical approach. He can play both sides of the game. He is very energetic and likes contact and hard play. He is a midfielder who fits his job very well. At this time, when the local name or young name is precious, he puts himself on him with Abdullah Abju. Frankly, it’s no exaggeration to say that the person who buys it wins.

The best local Ellen (Omer Necati Albayrak)

Ellen Ellen is one of the rare talents of Turkish football who has a left-back problem. That is why his transfer is popular. Let’s start with the shortcomings … During the season, important European scouts came to see Ellen. They emphasized the need for improved defense and left. His strong physique, speed, agility, and perception of the game are his most important features. It is a great opportunity for teachers like Abdullah Abju to reach European standards. When Avcı develops some of Ellen’s defense skills such as positioning and timing, he can reach the possibility of putting a very important testimony on his financial resources and contribution to Trabzonspor. Trabzonspor has finished the best possible move in domestic rotation.