Trabzonspor pursues 26-year record-Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, who will be competing in the championship in the 30th week of the Spor Toto Super League Ahmet Juruk season, will be a guest of the adjacent team, Caykur Rize Spor. The blue people of Burgundy want to open the point gap between Ittifak, who holds their closest rival, Konyaspor, and reach the championship sooner, but the home team does not accidentally leave the demotion line. I want to get rid of it. Referee Volkan Bayarslan manages the Black Sea Derby. This derby will take place tomorrow at 20:00 at Chaikul Didi Stadium.

Reach that 26-year record

If Trabzonspor, who took the lead in the Super League for 21 weeks, wins the match tomorrow in Rize, he will reach performance in the 30th week of the 1995-96 season, when he scored the most points. In the history of the league. When the Black Sea storm leaves the field with a win tomorrow, the score rises to 73, comparable to the performance of the score defeated 26 years ago.

No function to age for 7 years

Trabzonspor, one of the 41 adjacent teams that has played 41 times in the Super League, has 27 wins, Chaikul Rize Spor has 5 wins, and 9 games have ended in a draw. Trabzonspor won nine of the 20 games between the two teams in Rize, the home team won four times, and four games ended in a draw. Both teams met in Trabzon in the last 11 weeks of the league and the home team won 2-1. Trabzonspor, who lost to Caykur Rize Spo in the last league tournament in 2015, remained undefeated in 10 Super League games against their opponents for seven years.


Trabzonspor Technical Director Abdullah Avc will face Chaikul Rize Spo for the fourth time at the top of the Burgundy Blue Team. After winning twice against the Rize team and drawing once, Avcı recorded eight wins, four draws and four losses against Chaikle Rize Spor, who played 16 times in his coaching career.

AVCI and KORKMAZ’s first Black Sea Derby

Trabzonspor coaches Abdullah Avcu and Bülent Korkmatz became coaches at Caykur Rize Spo in February last year and have played seven times in the Super League. In these games, Avcı won three times, Korkmaz won one, and the three games ended equally. Finally, the technicians he met in the seventh week of the league that Korkmaz was in charge of at Aytemiz Alanyaspor left the field with a 1-1 draw. Avcı and Korkmaz will meet for the first time at the beginning of their current team at the Black Sea Derby.

Special work from ERCE

Abdullah Avc, who had a shortage of staff at Trabzonspor in the last few weeks of the league, is waiting for the injured player to recover and the suspended player’s penalty to be met. Trabzonspor’s successful glove Uğurcan Çakır is interrupted by a yellow card, so Erce Kardeşler will defend the castle in tomorrow’s battle. Erce Kardeşler, who entered the Super League for 11 minutes from Aytemiz Alanyaspor this season, scored a goal in the Ziraat Turkey Cup Beypiliç Boluspor and Denizlispor match. After seeing a goal once every 191 minutes, Brothers specially trained this week to finish the goal in tomorrow’s match.

Dorkhan on Stage

Marek Hamsík and Vitor Hugo, who continue to be treated for injuries on the Burgundy blue team, and Puchatch, who has been penalized by the PFDK, will not join the team for tomorrow’s fight. After recovering from an injury in the Goztepe game last week, Dorkhan Tokoz will be on the field tomorrow.


Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avc is estimated to give Janiny Semedo, who has been acclaimed for his performance in the past few weeks, a chance to replace Cornelius. Finally, given the poor performance of Cornelius, who scored one goal in the Aytemiz Alanyaspor match four weeks ago, Avcı will play Djaniny, who scored one goal each in the Göztepe and Yukatel Kayserispor matches, in the top 11. Is expected. It is estimated that Yusuf Erdogan will be on the left back in tomorrow’s match, as Trondosen, who was played by Avuchi instead of Hugo, also felt pain during training.

Here are 11 of Trabzonspor that you might meet tomorrow’s Chaicle Rize Spor.

“Erce, Peres, Ahmetcan, Denswil, Yusuf, Siopis, Abdulkadir, Bakasetas, Nwakaeme, Visca, Djaniny”