Trabzonspor President Ahmet Aoul: We make the mistakes of life


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Trabzonspor Club President Ahmet Aoru said he would have made a life mistake on behalf of Trabzonspor if he hid behind the championship trophy and retreated to the corner. He said the football match was held in Trabzon before the Republic, and Ağaoğlu said, “When you’re away from success, you don’t have to go, you don’t have to break history.”

Ağaoğlu states that Trabzonspor is a club with dynamics that can withstand all sorts of turmoil under all circumstances, “I know this, so I believe it.” It’s a rebellion against the general perception of the clubs I love and love like this. In short, there’s a little bit of this, “he said.

“You can’t hide behind the championship trophy.”

“Everyone is doing their best for Trabzonspor. May God give you health today. Even one of the legendary presidents, Shamil Ekinchi, despite his discomfort, Trabzonspor All other presidents are the same. No president or manager has withdrawn in his corner. This is another reason for the difference in Trabzonspor. Everyone does their best, I continue to serve. For me, that’s not the case. I have a lot of debt to this club because I paid off the debt. It’s big. Before paying this debt in full, from this world I think I’ll die. I’ll tell myself where everyone is asked for halal. I personally want to ask Trabzonspor for halal, but he’s done so much that we The structure we provide is not an ordinary structure. The structure is Trabzonspor, but especially before the 1970s, you can see its size when you enter this structure. In cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, we go. Is easy, but on days when all sorts of possibilities are still considered impossible, it can be considered normal for people to achieve certain things. When you go east of the country, the effort you have to make to carry out some activities there is, for example, 3-4 times that of an institution, club, company or person in Istanbul. Trabzonspor is in trouble If you have a very important value to national football in a certain area, at such times it will make you tremble when you understand it! How heavy is your responsibility? And when you experience that realization, you don’t think you can pay for it in one or two championships. At this point, you’re scoring goals through the championship. It’s not right to say. As I always say, what’s important here is continuity. To bring about sustainable success, no matter what we do, it’s a solid foundation. Need to build on. For me, this championship is just a small reward for what we’re trying to do … we have a lot to do! Chan! Speaking of hiding behind the Pionship Trophy, I would make a mistake in my life on behalf of Trabzonspor. “

“Soccer match will be held in Trabzon before the Republic”


Ahmet Aoru said he was thinking over and over again after seeing the club president’s remarks about Trabzonspor, saying, “Club presidents are obliged to have some knowledge of the history of national football. Their own club. There is also recognition. There are some facts underlying the announcement of the “Password First League” the next day. The history of Trabzon football does not begin with Trabzonspor. The soccer match will be held in Trabzon in front of the Republic. There are clubs based on ancient times. The competition of וdmanocağı, Necmiati, 0054dmangücü וdmanocağı-וdmangücü also makes a significant contribution to Trabzon. Morning at home. Once outside the door, it takes the competition to the level of your neighborhood. The neighborhood is on the other side and the district is on the other side. It is competing with the district. It is a competitor in the area. This is one of the most important factors that led Trabzonspor to this point today. While Fenerbahce and Galatasaray were competing against each other, Trabzon experienced this competition within itself, which took football in Trabzon to a very high level. Another truth behind the next day’s announcement is: In 1922, the Turkish Training Association Alliance was established. Trabzon is one of the first three cities to become a member of this organization and organize a local league within the fixture. The book published in the Republic of Turkey under the name of football is the book of Asosyeşın Futbol published by the late Süleyman Rıza Kuğu in Trabzon. In short, football is a phenomenon that has a very strong foundation in Trabzon. Our elders have set a goal called the First League, which is not an unattainable dream. The elimination of Trabzonid Manokag Besiktas in the 1965 Turkey Cup was one of the most obvious indicators of the strength of Trabzon football. Some say that if you were very strong, Trabzonspor would have been founded in 1959 if it had been founded before. They are ignoring one thing. In the 1960s, you were traveling by road from Trabzon to Istanbul in three days. At this distance, it is physically impossible for a team in the city to participate in such a structure, “he said.

“When you’re away from success, you don’t have to go to bankruptcy history.”

Ağaoğlu continued his words, stating that the world of football based on Trabzon was not created:

“This is the world of trabzon-based football. The world of trabzon-based football has not been created or even tried to be created. Trabzon soccer is a phenomenon that has existed since then. In this country. Soccer has begun. Now it’s important who you play football with. What we bring to football in communities, clubs and countries looks like this. Today, when you start, break away from success. For you to look at history and start tinkering with history. My roots are already clear. In 1967, not only Federal President OrhanŞeref Apak, but also Trabzonspor of Hasan Polat was founded with the support of Trabzonspor. Before that, these clubs are a component of Trabzons. A closer look at these clubs dates back to the early 20th century, even before World War I. Where to take them here You don’t have to pull it, but look at our history. We need to be able to tell it to the youngest generation. I care very much about it. “

“We are working on a model that will be put to practical use next season.”

Ağaoğlu said, “We are working on a model to be implemented next year. But first, let’s get over this transfer period and the Champions League process. This is an externally supported model, so we want to implement this model. They say they are externally supported in terms of programming and control, but they need to get over it first. “There is a necessary process, and then the infrastructure is reprogrammed according to the new roadmap. Performance. The analysis is as follows: We will continue to carry out, rehabilitate areas that have not been improved and are inadequate, and continue the road in this way. We are already working on it. “

“I also jump to the field”

“If you were a fan, not a president, you would have jumped into the field,” Aoru said. Sure, he would have consumed that energy as a player. He remembers the 1984 Championship well. Still, I raised the flag on my car and toured Badat Street, ate three or five stones, broke the car window, and returned for another two laps in Ashibadem. But I was a fan and a manager. There was something completely different, and I was very happy just to meet that expectation. “