Trabzonspor has won the winning trophy!Great enthusiasm, this is what happened-Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, which announced its championship at the Antalyaspor match, experienced historic victory enthusiasm with thousands of fans on the field and hundreds of thousands of Bordeaux blue football fans celebrating in Istanbul at the end of last week. Did. However, the main show took place in Akyazi today.

Trabzonspor soccer players, technical teams, fans, and management enjoyed the Cup Ceremony to the fullest. After the celebration that started in Denis, he was moved to the Medical Park Stadium. The Trabzonspor team, which experienced a fan enthusiast at Akyazi, won the 2021-202 Championship Trophy.

This is what happened from the championship celebration

🗣️ Belt Ezdemir: The fun started very well! I didn’t know Holon, but I think he’s okay!

🗣️ Abdulaziz Omur: We have been waiting for this moment for years! I want to enjoy it to the fullest! Enjoy until morning!

🗣️ Uglucan Chakul: Brother, we are very happy. Is there such a thing? No one can celebrate that way.

🗣️ Dorkhan Tokoz: I am very happy. I’m not sure about Holon, but I’m trying to get something from a friend I know.

🗣️ Yusuf Erdogan: We really teach championship lessons. I can’t believe it. It’s like having a war. It has a great atmosphere.

🗣️ Bakasetas: The environment is perfect. There is an incredible atmosphere.

🗣️ Edgar Ye: It’s an incredible feeling for me. The recipe is very difficult. With an incredible view, I am incredibly happy. I was injured, but my friends tried to continue this wonderful job. It feels great to make fans happy.

🗣️ Victor Hugo: Edgar and I are, as always, the best couples in the ocean and mountains.

Black Sea Championship Fleet!

Trabzonspor’s championship celebration began at sea

The celebration of the Trabzonspor championship, which celebrated its happy ending in the 2021-202 season of the Super League, began at sea.

Spor Toto Super League Champion Trabzonspor will lift the championship trophy at the Trophy Ceremony at the Medical Park Stadium in the Shenorgunesh Sports Complex. Prior to the ceremony, a series of festive activities will take place. Trabzonspor first formed a “champion fleet” at sea from the Mehmet Ali Yurmaz facility at 17:00. Many large and small fishing boats and tour boats accompanied the Burgundy Blue people’s celebrations at sea. The people of Bordeaux Blue turned the Black Sea into a carnival area.

Compliment to the fans

🗣️ Ahmet Agaogle: Probably one of the happiest days in our history! They have been patiently waiting for years, but their sense of belonging hasn’t diminished! This fan, community deserves all the best! There was also a mistake. We didn’t read these through other clubs. I took a lesson. The championship is something different. Trabzonspor fans are worth more than anything else. They have been waiting patiently for years. Its patience and attribution to them never diminished. Maybe even Turkey was unaware that we have such enthusiastic supporters.

Young people are very happy

🗣️ Ahmet Kanka Plan: It’s good to experience these feelings. The Galatasaray match was a great moment. We came from behind and won. Next is the Away Fenerbahce match. I’m sorry I missed 3 points, but I got 1 point. Everyone did their best. Maybe we came here with prayer.

🗣️ Uglucan Chakul: Ahmetcan is very talented and has already seen this when playing in infrastructure. He grew up and played for himself. He did a great job at this championship. If you keep going like this, he will be a very high level player.

🗣️ Selkan Asan: I can’t say anything. Our childhood dreams have come true. have fun. There is an incredible atmosphere. Thank you everyone. When we were children, we always dreamed of this moment.

🗣️ Gervinho: I am very happy to be with you. I started with them but couldn’t end with them. But most importantly, we were champions. In the end, we became champions. I am very happy for myself and the whole team.

🗣️ Ismail Koibashi: If Real Madrid were the champions, I don’t think they would survive. Certainly a wonderful atmosphere. Everyone is shining inside and their eyes are shining. You can’t buy it with money. I love everyone. We are a very beautiful family.

Trabzonspor’s championship fleet arrives at Faros Harbor

When the championship fleet was formed at sea within the celebration of Trabzonspor’s championship, dozens of fishing and rowboats accompanied a tour boat carrying a maroon blue fleet. The convoy has arrived at the port of Faros.

🗣️ Edin Višza: There was a very difficult match. After I came, I wanted to do something, I hope I gave something. Have a very good day. This city, this community deserves it. We want you to listen to Champions League music at our stadium.

Enthusiasm for the championship bus

As the championship fleet arrived at Faros Harbor, enthusiasm grew, and maroon fans waiting on the harbor, beaches and rocks showed a strong love for the team with torches and cheers. After that, a boat carrying a Bordeaux blue convoy passed through the port of Trabzon. Bordeaux blue players moved to the Medical Park Stadium as open top buses awaited them at Trabzon Harbor.

Great duet by Ugurkan and Dorkhan

Famous singers Caddle, Uglucan Chakul and Dorkhan Tokoz in championship uniforms participated in Trabzonspor, participated in the Trophy Ceremony at the Medical Park Stadium with great fan support, and Akyazi fans. Excited.

Dorkhan Tokoz did not forget Ahmet Juruk

While Trabzonspor players are invited to the stage one by one for the trophy ceremony, Dorkhan Tokoz wears the jersey of Konyaspor soccer player Ahmet Juruk, who lost his life, and sets up for the championship. Appeared on the platform that was.

Bakasetas and Siopis Sirtaki

Trabzonspor Greek players Anastasias Bacasetas and Manorisciopis went on stage to play Sirtaki for the Trophy Ceremony.

Uglucan Chakul Champion Trio

After all soccer players and coach Abdullah Avc arrived on the platform with a special song, Bordeaux blue team captain Ugurkanchakul picked up the microphone and held a championship trio with fans. .. Club President Ahmet Aoul then issued a statement assessing the season and championship.

Champion Trabzonspor

Trabzonspor, who won the Super League, won.