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Trabzonspor, who announced the SporToto Super League Championship in the 2021-202 season, won the Championship Trophy at the ceremony.

The celebration began in the Black Sea, and the capacity of 41,461 people was completely filled before the trophy ceremony at the Medical Park.

Prior to the trophy ceremony, the Burgundy Blue fleet, which opened by boat from the Mehmet Ali Yurmaz facility, was welcomed by a fleet of hundreds of boats and fishing boats near the facility. Hundreds of fans waiting on the beach welcomed the “Champions Fleet” with torches and marches along Hagia Sophia Beach and Faros Harbor. After entering the Port of Faro’s and greeting the fans, the Burgundy Blue Team went to the Port of Trabzon, boarded an open top bus, where they toured the championship.

Encountering the great interest of fans in the harbor, the players boarded an open top bus and toured for the championship. The Trabzonspor team moved to the Medidal Park Stadium with a convoy equipped with the Burgundy blue flag.

At the ceremony, some artists gave their first mini-concert.

After the Kasketliler Group’s Holon Show, the longest Holon Ring was added to the Guinness Book of Records. After that, the kolbastı show was announced.

Prior to the ceremony, Burgundy Blue soccer players were invited to the stage by presenting their names one by one at the laser show. Players took the stage to the song of their choice.

Servet Aktif has presented a trophy!

Mustafa Hacıkerimoğlu, chairman of the Turkish Football Federation and a member of the board of directors, handed the championship trophy to Trabzonspor’s captain Uğurcan Çakır. Managers, technical committees, actors, and their families were all enthusiastic about the fireworks display on stage.

The ceremony ended with a group photo shoot and a field tour.

Great duet by Ugurkan and Dorkhan!

The celebration of the Trabzonspor Championship continued at the Medical Park Stadium. Uglucan Chakul and Dorkhan Tokoz went on stage, and Kaddle, who made the fans enthusiastic, sang “Hakim Bay”.

KADR Feet Glucan & Dolcan | #beINSPORTS


Trabzonspor’s Greek soccer player Siopis went on stage and played Corbasti!

Shirataki show by Bakasetas!

Dorkhan Tokoz did not forget Ahmet Juruk!

Dorkhan Tokoz played in the Ahmet Juruk jersey.

Ahmet Ağaoğlu: Get up and admire this team

Ahmet Ağaoğlu, President of the Trabzonspor Club, used the following expressions in the celebration of the championship:

“Get up and admire this team.” When I took office four years ago, I wanted something that didn’t make much sense in the area, so I asked for three years of patience and achieved the results. You were our greatest supporter, both good and bad. You are the greatest force behind this team and have won with their faith and determination. ”

“In this championship, Trabzonspor was born from its ashes. Imagine that if this was the way we were born from our ashes, we would burn like fire. The fire did not go out. The fire hasn’t gone out for years. “