Trabzonspor has been decided!

From the time he signed with Trabzonspor on November 10, 2020, the Burgundy Blue team took the team from the bottom to the European Cup in the first season and counted the number of days until they won the championship this season. Management and coach Abdullah Avc is a competitor, productive and exemplary while deciding on plans for the upcoming season. He recently communicated to management his goal of working to set up a team.

Gradually progress

Burgundy Blue got off to a nightmare start last season. Avcı, who moved the 17th place team to 4th place, took the lead overwhelmingly this season. Next season, experienced coaches planning to build their team on a solid foundation of three lanes will chase the championship again in the Super League. It aims to create a team setup that is well known in Europe.

The project is ready.Place the stone

Abdullah Avci, Technical Director of Trabzonspor, has been working like an architect since the day he became the head of the Burgundy Blue Team. An experienced coach who rivals the team that was struggling in the super league changed the face of the team with a point touch. Despite the fact that competition is at the forefront, thanks to the communication of experienced coaches who are careful to create a family atmosphere, this season they have a solution for both defensive and offensive reactions. By creating a team that has created a team that both defends and attacks together.

Trabzonspor, who started planning for the next season during half-time, has added young players such as Emrehan Gedikli, Taha Articaldes, Kerem Şen, Batuhan Ko and Enis Destan to the team. At the end of the season, the Black Sea team, whose staff will include a new name, will form a competitive, productive and exemplary team. Avcı plans to turn the Burgundy Blue Team game into a faster formation with young players, but will also try to implement a team setup that produces results by solving field problems with experienced names.

Continue to invest in gaming systems

After a significant financial period, Trabzonspor has primarily provided economic balance. The Burgundy Blue club, which is planning for next season with Abdullah Abju, has been found to continue investing and adding names to the players to be added to Team A, along with the infrastructure. It conforms to the game formation.

The spirit of communication is once again at the forefront

Communication is the language most effectively used by Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avc in the new season. Avcı, who plans to create a free environment for team setup next season, will establish a sound communication network with players. Experienced technicians contact the inside of the player with the correct communication established in and out of the training field to form a complementary player group. He also adds a new unit to his technical staff.

Maximum efficiency

As with this season, Abdullah Abju will use the preparatory camp as an important opportunity for the next season to create a stronger emotional and connected team. In the next season, the number of young and experienced players will increase and we will support the group of players with a training program conducted with an experienced coach team. With the Burgundy Blue Team.

Management does not compromise on the plan

The practices practiced by the Board without compromising financial discipline were key factors in the success of Trabzonspor today. The Black Sea team, who managed the transfer process with a balanced budget rather than a transfer that exceeded their budget, provided a healthy working environment. Payments made on time and promised days played a major role in establishing an environment of trust. Management, which provides a comfortable working environment for technical staff and cast, will not compromise this stance in the coming season.