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Trabzonspor, who is preparing for the new season in Slovenia, faced FC Slovako in his second friendly at the camp. The match took place at the Slovenian National Football Center at 19:00.

Slovác took the lead 2-0 with Holzer’s goal in the 17th and 27th minutes of the match. Fırtına’s Kouassi found a goal in the 43rd minute to reduce the lead to 1 and score 2-1. The first half of the match ended with Slovako’s 2-1 advantage.

In the 65th minute of the second half, Nianzou scored a goal and Frutina ended in a draw. Trabzonspor drew 2-2 with Slovako in their second friendly match.

Trabzonspor Coach Abdullah Abju, mAfter the battle He said he was happy with the game he played.


Avcı hopes the season will be beneficial in his post-match statement, “After a short break, preparations for the season began. As you know, we started in Trabzon on June 27. We did both preparation and health tests and measurements. Both the national team’s ongoing National Team And the players from our national team joined the camp little by little. We have trained closely and played two goodwill matches so far. “ Said.

“Today’s game pleased me as a game.”

This year, he announced that he had used all the materials, and Avcı continued:
“We are working in a way that involves science and materials. We are continuing all our plans through performance trainers and doctors, especially to reduce the risk of injury. So far we are very positive. First and foremost. First, good play is important, but being a team is important. Being able to act together, the energy of the group, the inner harmony and harmony of the team is very important. The speed and tempo of training is increasing day by day. We played two goodwill matches. It was the 5th and 6th practice match and the 2nd practice match of the opponent. “We have 60 players in 45 minutes and 70-75 players today. It was the first match mixed game. The first match was a mix of all teams and I played, but today’s match was a great game. “

Avcı looked at their positives and negatives and emphasized what they did in such a friendly to get the rhythm of the match, “I had a very positive message today. We’ve been together for 20 months, so we’re repeating it over and over again with 70-80% of our team. It gets better every time. This makes us happy. Today I’m happy with the game. That’s true. Now a couple of days “I have permission. Then I’ll start the Austrian camp and play two friendly matches.” He said.

“I’m out of breath until November.”

Announcing the start of the season at the Super Cup match on July 30, Avcı said:
“Until November there is heavy traffic and you may not be able to breathe. Therefore, this period from June 27th to the present is very important to us. We work and be appropriate without injury. The closest goal you can achieve in the Super Cup is to win a friendly match. We will try out our strengths in the field and the composition of the game to see the league match. The first leg of the Champions League. August 16th to 17th. I’m out of breath until November. So far, the feedback from the players has been good. I’m glad. I’m going to participate. “I have friends. Urkan is here. He’s there. Trezege continues. Cornelias is just starting today. The quality of the competition will be higher. “

“There are young people who have aspirations”

When asked if there were any players leaving the team at the second stage preparatory camp in Austria, Avcı replied:
“For now, there are young people who have aspirants. When they come to Trabzonspor, they play. Today, the young man Ah Mejang comes in and plays for immediate acceptance. If not, You play and you will come again. There are many examples of this in history. This is a lot of expected places. No. Trabzonspor is competing, it’s a competitive place. There will definitely be alternative players, so we are currently assessing the situation of the young people inside us. What about your feedback, what about their training performance, their seekers What do you add to them? If you go somewhere, there should be a place to add something to you. ”As a game, as a coach, and as a club, his growth and return must be correct. It will not be. We are working on them. It will be clear in a few days. Now our numbers are clear and they are in close competition. “”

“We are working on the right defender.”

Talking about the transfer, Avcı said he had transferred two young local players who are currently playing for the national team by acquiring Ellen and Dokan from Kasimpasas. “They are doing very well. Their adaptation and adaptation are also doing well. Densewill continues with us again. Larsen is already a proving player and his pace is very in this league. Suitable for. I struggled with the left back of the right defender. I used the full back, but today’s Ahmet Can is very mature in the field of right back. Just change your foot and it is very mature. And play. “” He said.

Avcı said, noting that work is ongoing for the transfer of the right defender, “We meet a lot of players. President Ertugrul Bay, the board of directors is discussing. We will do our best. We have the budget and the philosophy of the game that suits us. Try to get in. It’s a transfer of opportunity to another position. It’s the side, it’s appropriate, and another player will. I think. “

“Nianzou, a talented actress, Taha gives the right message.”

Regarding the claim that Kouassi is leaving the team, Avcı said: “Nothing happened to me. It didn’t come from the player either. Koushi is a talented player. Last year, Tony Nuwakaeme was a very valuable player here, so give him a lot of opportunities. Couldn’t. He has no savings. Today he is a very talented player in both games and goals. With Kouassi. “ I made that evaluation.

Regarding the search for hunters, goalkeepers, and Avcı “He’s especially improved by playing goalkeepers. Taha played on a loan in the second league when I came. He’s a good goalkeeper. He’s a goalkeeper candidate, so Already with us today. He has shown significant performance, especially in both games. Especially in today’s football, a good goalkeeper’s foot is to be another place in today’s football. Needed. Taha can use both feet well. Now he’s sending the right message. We’re happy. But maybe we’ll add another goalkeeper. Three Lane, this has injuries, penalties, everything. His performance makes us very happy. I hope it stays the same. ” Said.