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Trabzonspor won the game on the field, and fans experienced enthusiasm by kicking Holon on stands, city streets and squares. This time, they received Kemenche and sent the following common message to all Trabzonspor people via FANAT0054K: the hordes of championships will not end …

Siopis: My first championship was unforgettable

Manoris Siopis, who surprised everyone at the celebration of the championship and played Abdülkadir Omühl and Colbasti, is arguably the most hilarious name for Trabzonspor … a star player who began to laugh when he saw Kemenche in front of the photo. “I learned Corbasti, it’s time for Kemenche … he says.” You’re from Trabzonspor. Yes, I’m one of them. I feel I belong 100% here. . “Siopis continued. “This year was a big year for us. There is a lot of dedication from the players, employees, teachers, management and of course our fans. It was my first championship and I couldn’t forget my feelings. It’s amazing. There was a great celebration. I believe, more will come. “

Oda: The secret to our success is to be a large family.

“I’ve never seen anyone like Trabzonspor supporters. They’re different from anyone else,” Fodecoita said. “I’m very happy to be part of this story. It’s great to be a champion and see people celebrate until morning. They are of great value and are maximizing this enthusiasm.” Injury Despite having an unhappy season for, Oda, one of the team’s most colorful names, said: The secret to this success lies in being his true family. Everyone was motivated by each other, and a longing for trophies came. We are still in a dream. Everyone saw the size of Trabzonspor. “

Yusuf Erdogan: This time I shed tears of joy

Yusuf Erdogan had a large share of the emergence of this unforgettable photo in an interview. Yusuf, who picked up Kemenche and started playing, taught his friends how to hold Kemenche one by one. He summarized his feelings as follows: “This time, we’re weeping where we cried many years ago. Of course, the meaning of the championship for Trabzon players is very different. It’s a great honor to be part of this staff. Thank you to God for seeing this day. But we are just getting started. Our first goal is to stay in the Champions League group. We want to win in a row. We still have more trophies to win. We will continue to bang. “

Kouassi: Two words are enough for “passion and dedication”

Ivory Star Quasi said: I call it passion and commitment. Before arriving at half time, I talked to Gervinho and Zokora. But I didn’t expect this much. I experienced more than the explanation. The post-match enthusiasm of Antalya, the glorious trophy ceremony that began at the sea and continued at the stadium, the wonderful atmosphere of the Olympic Stadium the next day … this is indescribable love. A successful offensive player also described the city square and techno party in Istanbul as follows: It was crazy. All these celebrations still haunt my dreams. I think the happiness of the people in the city will last for days. “

Puchacz: Our fans also played with us

In a half-time loan from Union Berlin, Puchatch said: This is another world. For example, you can’t walk down the street with interest. I’m like a pop star. In fact, on the first day of my arrival, I realized how wonderful Trabzonspor was at the airport. But I didn’t expect much after the championship. Crazy love. Not only the players but also the fans who came to the stadium played the game together. They gave 100 percent. I can’t express my feelings when I became a champion. Regarding his future at Trabzonspor, Puchats said: But it’s not a process that depends on me. Time shows us. No matter what happens, I will never forget what I experienced. “

Interview: Safa Can Konuksever

Photo: Selkan Hasioguru