Towards Portugal v Turkey: Abel Xavier puts both teams on the scale

Xavier answered AA correspondent’s question before the playoff round semi-finals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers where Turkey will face Portugal.

Xavier stated that he loved the Turkish people and Galatasaray fans, and that they could never be forgotten, and evaluated tomorrow’s match as follows:

“”It will be a match where you will experience two emotions. This World Cup is important as it will be the last World Cup for senior players. That’s why Santos talked about how important it is to take part in the World Cup. It’s also the last year of the Office of the Federal President, and he considers it very important to eliminate Turkey and move on to the next round. Everyone recognizes the importance of the match. Portugal has an important drawback. It’s a very difficult match for both sides. I think it’s the game in the middle. As an actor who played in Turkey, I know the character structure of Turkish actors. Multi-character and warrior player. The Turkish national team is a very strong national team and has experienced some difficult times, but has since escaped from very strong and difficult days. I think the match between Portugal and Turkey will be a very middle match. “

“Portugal has no very important defensive players”

Abel Xavier emphasized that the flaws in Portugal’s defense are very important, “Portugal lacks very important players in defense. Ruben Dias and Pepe. Pepe and Ruben Dias are components of this team. Santos repositions the defender as follows: He needs to pull at least one libero to the centre-back. However, this match is a final match, a single match, and the player group is made up of players who know each other well, so it doesn’t have much of an impact. “Fernando Santos will play either 4-4-2 or 4-3-3,” he said.

Xavier answered the question, “Which side do you think is closer to passing the round?”

“”Normally, I answer your question 60 percent as Portugal and 40 percent as Turkey. This is because the national match will be held in Porto for the first time in a long time. Actually, this international match was scheduled to be held in Lisbon, but the match was moved to the north because there was no final match or compensation. There haven’t been any international matches in Porto for a long time. The people living in and around Porto were very motivated and the match was brought to Porto, motivating and bringing a more passionate group of fans. Therefore, Portugal will have an advantage in the pressure to be established. At the same time, this is also an important loss as there is no Ruben Neves in the middle of Portugal. However, it should be remembered that if Turkish players are sufficiently focused and mentally prepared, they can convert this percentage from 60-40 percent to 50-50 percent.“”

“Turkey can be very effective against the ball lost by Portugal”

“”Portugal has far more balls and attacks much more.“Predicted former Portugal national football player” As a coach, I have seen many matches for the Turkish national team. Turkey is a team that defends very well, especially in the last match. In today’s football, it doesn’t make much sense to attack with too many balls.Turkey is an effective team for transitional attacks while defending Regardless of the number of balls Portugal has and the attacks, Turkey is very effective against the balls lost by Portugal.‘He evaluated.

Abel Xavier, who said Turkey has a strong stance of having four defenses and two midfields in front, said:

“”Hakan Calhanor and Belt Ezdemir are my favorite actors in Turkey. However, Berat is not currently on the team. They both did something very important in terms of preserving the midfield and supporting forwards. The quad defense and the two midfielders in front of it will be the most important part of the match for Turkey. The clever movement by the winger Abulkadir Ömür is important. It is important that Burak Yılmaz stays between the two defenders. With Pepe and Ruben Dias not playing, Burak Yılmaz’s experience and midfield approach will be one of the deciding factors in the match. Especially recently, the Turkish national team has gone too far in terms of tactics. I had seen before, some players went forward, but didn’t return fast. Especially in the last match, Turkey has tactical discipline and you can see that you are playing for this tactical discipline. “