“Torrents need time”-TRTSpor

At a press conference in Barcelona’s training Joan Gamper Sportive City, Xavi said: It would be very difficult to go to Turkey without winning here. ” He said.

He pointed out that he had been in the infrastructure of Barcelona for a while and knew Domenech Trent, who is now the coach of Galatasaray, and Xavi said, “Domenech visited me in Qatar a few months ago. Tomorrow we will face each other. Would. “He’s playing in a style very similar to us, but it takes time. He has the ability to do that. He’ll push us tomorrow. Domenech is my I’m a very good friend. “I used the phrase.

Xavi said he was excited to play in the UEFA Europa League, although not in the Champions League, said he had a good start in the last few weeks and said he would like to play Galatasaray in front of his fans. ..

Galatasaray emphasized that it was a very compact team developed under Domenech’s control, and Xavi was prominent in the yellow and red teams with Mostafamohamed, Kerem Akturkoll and Bafétimbi Gomis. He said he had to put pressure on the ball, not just the ball. Ball to win.

“We are definitely not a favorite of the UEFA Europa League”

“We are definitely not a favorite of the UEFA Europa League.” “This is a new tournament for us,” said the Spanish coach. He made that evaluation.

Barcelona coaches said their first goal of the season was to finish the league in the top four and ensure their appearance in the Champions League next year, and the UEFA Europa League and LaLiga fights will also excite them. rice field.

Meanwhile, when asked about the Champions League match between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain tonight, Xavi said, “I’m not going to dinner tonight. I’ll sit at home and watch the match, of course.” .. This is a big match and everyone who loves football will see it. A good player wins. “I know them, so Messi and Neymar should win.”

De Jung: “We love every game we play at home.”

Frenkie de Jong, a Dutch player from Barcelona, ​​said: This can be seen in the team. ” He said.

De Jung said this should not be considered a failure unless they become UEFA Europa League champions, adding that “of course we are currently a favorite of the UEFA Europa League and want to win.” .. He made a statement.

Missing in Barcelona

With the exception of Ansu Fati, Sergi Roberto and Samuel Umtiti, who were injured on the Catalan team, the card suspension Pablo Martin Paes Gavira cannot play “Gabi”.

Defender Jordi Alba, who was slightly injured in the final Elche match of the league, may not be at risk in the Galatasaray match.

Barcelona won in the last four games but not lost in eight games.


Finally, Barcelona competed in the tournament in “Cup 2” in the 2003-2004 season, competing for the first time in the UEFA Europa League.

While the two teams faced each other for the first time outside the Champions League, Barcelona won five and Galatasaray won one in eight games so far, two of which ended in a draw.

Galatasaray and Barcelona played in Champions League Group H for the 2002-2003 season, and the Catalan team won both games.

Yellow Red finally went to Camp Nou Stadium on November 13, 2002 and lost 3-1 from the field.