Torrent: I want to stay for 3 years-TRT Spor

In the 37th week of the Spor Toto Super League, Galatasaray defeated Adana Demirspor 3-2 at home. At a press conference held after the match, Galatasaray Technical Director Domènec Torrent said: “I got one chance and scored in the first half. I had a good match. I had a lot of chances. Maybe it was 3-1 in the first half. I put pressure on the future in the second half. I played many players indoors. We deserved to win by a much wider margin. Percentage We were able to dominate the 80-85 match. “ He said.

For Arda Turan, who wasn’t on the fighting team, Trent said, “As a condition, there were no conditions to play.”

“I was proud of the president’s press conference.”

Domènec Torrent, who said he was grateful for bringing President Brak Elmas here, said: “We knew what we wanted to do together. I saw him say at a press conference today. I’m proud to work with him. I knew very little. But he gained my respect. I’m proud to work with him. He showed that he loves Galatasaray. Many claim that he loves Galatasaray. But I can’t show what they’re doing. Brak Elmas said at a last press conference. What player profile are you looking at and what kind of match you want to play in today’s match? Showed. Next season. “That was our idea with him. This is my first time coaching here. I have coached in Spain, England, Germany, Brazil and the United States. I know what he wants to do perfectly. As the president said, I had some journalists before I arrived. I think that’s the reason. They began to criticize without meeting us in person. You need to respect the history and name of n. It doesn’t make sense to burn everyone who comes for this reason. Any honest person knows what it is. Encourage them. You both know why the incoming trainer got burned. People make mistakes and think the club is mine. The club belongs to the fans. No one is big. The coach passes, the president passes, and the club remains. So I was very proud of the president’s press conference. We cannot convince us of what is happening here. I know exactly what’s going on. ” I made a statement.

“We want to stay for three years instead of one”

Expressing that he was very happy to be in Galatasaray, Trent said, “The president explained why the team experienced various problems this year. If Galatasaray wasn’t the same as Galatasaray 15 to 20 years ago, we understand that it’s good for everyone. Sporting Director has a great relationship in the sports world. He can’t transfer until the election. “If you have the opportunity to team up with your team, you’ll need a slightly different player to meet your criteria. Not because our playing style was bad, but the players are not good. I think we have the best fans in Turkey. When they help us, the team starts to fly. A team of 20 people. ”Academy I want 3-4 players. I want a hungry player to win something. That was our idea. This week we will have the last match of the season. Take a vacation like any other team. Make a pre-season plan in Austria on July 4th. After that, we will respect the decision of the new president. But he will definitely want to talk. My vacation is not a year. We would like to stay for 3 years. I will continue to live in Istanbul for a while. I love the city. Even if you can’t work in Galatasaray, you’ll be a Galatasaray fan. “ I made that evaluation.

“I don’t know what Yunus is doing in Adana.”

When asked about the performance of Yunus Akgun, who has a loan at Adana Demirspor, Trent said: “I talked to Yunus after the match. He’s my favorite player. I don’t know what he’s doing in Adana. Yunus Akgun is a player that suits my playing style. Nothing is given as a gift. The rule with the Turks. If Emre Akbaba and Yunus Akgün are on the team next season, I think they will be at a level where they can play in 11th place. “ He replied.

“Imagine where I came from, you can guess what you might see.”

Domènec Torrent emphasized his great respect for Fatih Terim, saying: “He worked here for many years and had a lot of success. So I have a lot of respect. No matter who comes, you have to help them. Successful people in history I have to thank them. They didn’t. ”Even if you don’t bother to talk, looking at the current situation, it’s a little better on average. You know what it was like when you came to Galatasaray. He was on the verge of falling. Saved 5 team games. Previously, I wanted to make my fans shine today. Is 40-45 days easy for the president? That has changed, and the press always says we are very bad. If you go outside Turkey, you will find another football. We came from there. I use the term motivation because they ask me a lot about motivation in Turkey. But they don’t ask me if they train well. Of course, there are also very bad matches. Our opinion is always clear. Where? Imagine coming from, you can guess what you might see. “ He finished his speech.