Torrent explains why Erick Pluggar isn’t playing

Domènec Torrent said he had a good match, “It’s not easy to play this level of Barcelona in two matches. I’ve had two very difficult fights. Barcelona is one of the best teams in the world. One. I fought well in the first half. It was bad to score a goal with 10 people in the second half and the match continued. I got a position. But I want to congratulate Barcelona. I am proud of the players. ” ..

“We wanted to take the next tour, but it helps us to know who we are playing.”

Trent said it was a tough week, “everyone knows what happened this week. There was a match on Monday. I couldn’t fly to Istanbul before so I went to Izmil. Barcelona also had a match on Sunday. Yes, but of course not. No excuse. The goal at the beginning of the second half was a break point. It was difficult to set such a goal when there were 10 people. Barcelona usually they are The team that dominates every match you play. Some may not know Barcelona. Of course, I’m not happy with the result. I want to go to the next round. But that’s also the truth. It helps you to see and know who you are playing against. You can beat a team like Barcelona in one match. If you are lucky you are lucky. But you can play two games and both Fighting well is not easy. Now we have to think about the Super League: “We need to finish in the best possible position. The team is already developing,” he said. Told.

Send Kerem Aktür koğlu from Barcelona

Send Kerem Aktür koğlu from Barcelona

“I need a player to play regularly”

In response to a question about Erick Pulgar’s lack of time, Trent said, “I needed a player close to Pedro and De John’s devoted mark. A player who plays regularly. It was just a tactical choice.” Said.

“We were thought of breaking the ball and creating a position from it. We did that in the first few minutes.”

Domenec Trent, referring to the fact that he started the match against Gomis instead of Mohamed, unlike the first match, “I thought Gomis would protect the ball and make a position from there. That’s right in the first few minutes. I faced something. I thought that if I could catch 1-0 and 2-0, I would be able to continue the match in the second half. Good. When I played in Barcelona, ​​we started with Mostafa. He Is a player who hits the gap. I thought that if I played such a game, I would play a game that catches 0-0, “he said. ..

Pedri’s goal was an incredible goal, and Trent said there were 10 people on the field in the second goal they admitted.

Belkan Kuttor: We lose details

Galatasaray midfielder Berkan Kutlu said: Goal, 10 If I remember correctly, the details are very important for this type of team and our coach has also expressed this. We have lost the details. “

“It’s very difficult to lose this match with such a result.”

Belkan Kuttor said the match against Barcelona was a very good experience. “It’s very difficult to lose such a match,” he said.

“We are Galatasaray. We are trying to finish the league in the best possible position.”

Belkan announced that he would be watching the match, saying, “We have a match in three days. We will do our best to prepare. The rest of the league will remain. We will try to finish the league in the best position. After all, we can. Is Galatasaray. ”