Torrent complains about uncertainty-TRTSpor

Galatasaray coach Domenec Trent said after the match after losing to Sivaspor 3-2. The Spanish coach expressed incredible uncertainty in the club and answered his resignation question “I’m working”.

Galatasaray coach Domenek Trent answered questions at a post-match press conference after losing to DG Sivaspor 3-2 in the 35th week of the Sport Toto Super League. Trent, who began his speech by assessing the match, said: I want to answer your question. We were aggressive and faced human-to-human enemies. I didn’t really understand the game in the first half. I wasn’t particularly satisfied. There was a lot of information about the opponent. They got 70% from the middle of the full back and wings. We told the player this. We also warned about set balls and second balls. This was my second goal. The third goal was luck. I played sporadically throughout the game. Everyone is inside and no one is outside. We played with the mind, not the mind, but I don’t like it. I think the first half of the Altay match and today’s Galatasaray were the summary of this season. You need many positions to score, and you give up goals from opponents who have very few positions. “

“The plane crashed”

The team has a lot of problems and they are trying to do their best, Torrent said: In contrast to Barcelona, ​​you will do that by standing up together. Or, if you want to move forward, the line of defense must be ahead. It was probably between 50 meters today. This is an important situation. In games like this, I outperformed myself. I haven’t trained this. I encountered this situation on a crashed plane. I tried raising the nose of the plane. I think we are more or less successful. One day I would like to talk about how we really found the club in great detail. Every day, every player and we make an incredible effort to isolate ourselves from the situation in which the club is located. Believe me, it’s not really easy. It is difficult for everyone to walk upright and try to maintain morale. Everything stopped. We had a lot of plans for the next season, such as what we could transfer and what players we could rent, but we can’t move on. We are not Turks, but we are not better than anyone. We are not really used to this kind of work. It’s difficult to unite both employees and athletes. “

The team played well in the games of Trabzonspor, Altay and Karagümryuk, and Trent said: One day I sit very enthusiastically and tell you how to find a club. I have been to many clubs. This is no excuse, I’m telling the truth. We faced many difficult situations. There are many games that played well in 45 minutes instead of 90 minutes. It’s very difficult to play against Barcelona. It’s easy for Monaco to play against Marseille. You defend properly and fight back. In the league, the opposite happens. In four or five games, there was almost no counterattack. Players make incredible efforts every day, but are uncertain about the future. There is this kind of uncertainty, “he said.

“We will continue my work”

Recalling that he has a contract with Galatasaray, the Spanish teacher said: That’s not normal for me. I will continue to work. I had a very good player in mind. In Turkey and some leagues, there were names that people didn’t know. But now it’s too late. Now they have begun signing with other teams. Tired of the situation, not Galatasaray. The technical team and employees are trying to devote everything. Things don’t go well. There is no case. I can’t do anything about how the new president will continue or who will come. They may consider another project. That is their right. I and my team are in Istanbul and I am very happy to be here. I want to continue the contract. Of course, we need to sit down and talk to newcomers. And to give you an example of a small club, no club has been around for so long. With the transfer of a talented sporting director, the team for the next season should be 90% finished in May. “

“When we arrived, we didn’t even have a computer.”

“We tried to find information about our competitors ourselves. We didn’t have a computer or a program. 2 from the Academy,” Trent said on his first day in office due to an empty analytical situation and scattered papers. I brought in an analyst. I had to talk to players and friends. After arriving, I played 3 games in 9 days. During this time, we also bought a special program for computers. I had to do. Some players have lost 5 or 6 kilos. You know how the team was declining in the first three games. Data on the facts and what happened. I tell you. You may lose at this point, but you’re physically recovering. Over the last 11 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a good team. Here I’m doing the same thing as them. Here I’ve shown them all in terms of physics and tactics. The details are what we found. This is important because it all depended on us. I’m used to this. They say that everything changes in one day in Turkey. Our hearts don’t understand this. So I’m not tired of being here. It’s an honor to be in Galata Sarai. I think it’s the story of a sporting director who didn’t know what to do for 30 days. We’re trying to get stronger every day, “he concludes.