Toprak Razgatriol’s stamp at the Superbike World Championship – TRT Spor


In a statement to AA correspondents, President Usar said the national athlete is a model athlete for Turkish youth because of his achievements. “Toprak’s start to the season was not what we had hoped for. New bike, new mechanical system. So there was a drop in performance until he got used to it, but he quickly recovered.”

Describing Toprak’s team as solid as he works with great masters like Kenan Sofuor, captain of the TMF national team, Usal said: He has been on the podium in 6 races this season. He is ranked 3rd in the world rankings. With 38 points from one of his rivals, Bautista, and 7 points from Ray, it is easy to close the gap between them. . ” He said.

Emphasizing that National athletes have the strength and experience to close the gap in the overall standings, Usal continued:

“We hope Toprak will continue to improve on this performance over the remaining six races.As of August, the World Superbike Championship will be briefly suspended due to weather.The stage will continue in France in September. France and all European tracks are the ones that Kenan Sofor races on. We hope to see you again on the podium at the race in France.And our national anthem will be sung and our hearts will continue to fill our hearts.Our athletes are very lucky 5 Times. They train every morning with the brother of Kenan Sohuol, a national hero who won the world championship. They interact with him and their brothers. They train with him. So confidence is always at the top.”

“He said I banned the championship and we need them to say it.”


Emphasizing that the national motorcyclist’s world championship should continue, Usal said, “The land won the championship last year, but we have to register this championship. Motorsport officials said, “I said, ‘If he wins a lot in a row, there will be a third, fourth, and fifth championship. Just like his brother Kenan, I We look forward to these successes, which later can make a difference on our career map.”

Pointing out that technical support in motorsport is just as important as the pilot, Ussar said: offer. ” Said.

Uçar said the team he competed against and the technical team were as important as the pilots, continuing his words:

“For example, he could have easily taken the lead in four of the six races this season, but was left behind due to mechanical problems. When we bring in offers like this, our thoughts are entirely about where that team is world-class. is a candidate to be first in the next decade. Similarly, so are our other athletes. It must be a team that will always invest in that team and Toprak in the future.

“It’s always good for Turkish athletes to do things that no one else has done.”

Uçar said one of Toprak’s most important rivals, Great Britain’s Jonathan Rea’s record of six consecutive champions, cannot be surpassed.

“As a Turkish nation, we are a country with no bounds when it comes to success and this is the mission and vision the President has given us, the young people.This is the vision given by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The championship that has been achieved six times in a row is very important for us. Doing what no one else has done has always suited Turkish athletes. I’m the record holder.”

Turkey also looks to mark the future with trained athletes in motorcycle sports, Uçar concluded his statement.

“We are a promising federation in terms of performance at the World Championships. The World Federation Federation is celebrating its 110th anniversary, but as a federation founded in 2003, we have great potential. Yes, our sport is a sport that requires high economic conditions.”We will be able to train Kang Onju, Bahattin Sophoor and Deniz Onju. At the last race in Catalka , 50 child athletes competed against each other.I hope to see them all proudly representing Turkish youth in Europe and at the World Championships for the next decade.”