Tolunay Kafkas: “Our biggest problem is the club”-National Team News

Our desired national team will face Kazakhstan first and then Denmark in the 2023 UEFA U-21 European Under-21 Championship Group Qualifying match. Prior to these challenges, U21 coach Tolunay Kafkas shared his views on camp periods and general Turkish football with Fanatik.

“We turned the camp into an advantage.”

“I told the players that this was an opportunity. The players I expected had a hard time. I want to win two games that favored this camp. I also want to show the players who are ready. The camp period went very well. At first there was an intense training period. “I tried to prepare various training drawings and implement them. This week is a match week, so I reduced it to one training. Looking at the whole process, it worked. Now we need to reflect this performance in the field. “

Tolunay sincerely answered the question of his friend Yakup Çınar at the Kafkas Ümit National Team Camp.

“The stronger the Hope representative, the stronger the representative.”

“Players such as Yunus Akgun, Haril Delbisoul and Evelen Ellen spent time on the U21 team when they weren’t playing on their team. Our first job was these precious players. To give the U21 team jersey to ANational. Team. I gave up 12 to 13 players. I fulfilled my duty. I gave players. I want to give more players. The stronger the Yunus national team, the stronger the national team. “

“It’s a success to finish 3rd in the group.”

As for the group, I think we are here now. If you finish third in our group, it’s a success for me. Because I always tried to be realistic. Denmark, especially Belgium, is the best team in Europe. They put a lot of effort into the details. They have players playing in Ajax, Lille and Vitesse. Two very serious teams.

“It’s an advantage for Kuntz to work at U21.”

“We are in constant contact with Kuntz.” We know both here and above. We are trying to move players up with this lineup. “

Caucasus game philosophy!

“We have a philosophy. We are moving towards the opposite goal by pressing and counterpressing in the shortest way and taking precautions in the fastest way. There are also sub-principles. We are all. Build your training and match plan based on this. How to create a tactical space in your match plan, this is our job. Focus on the most difficult issues, such as how to use the field. In this philosophy. With the philosophy and principles of this game, I do my job in the best possible way. In this way, we try to raise players who can carry.

“There is no talent issue, there is a player development issue.”

“People misunderstand and can misunderstand what we say. I try to keep up with many of today. The gap between us and Europe is very clear. The importance they give to both coaches and player development is very high. Unfortunately, it is important for players to find time, of course, but players are in the club. It’s important. How they play, what they do, position requirements, how they make space … there are many principles. We confront the 150-160 principles, We are working on it. We are trying to follow many new trends and topics. To provide these players with what they need. In that sense, there are general issues with the structure of the club and Talent isn’t that bad, but player growth is a serious problem. You need to create short-term, medium-term, and long-term programs. Creating the right structure in football is best maintained. It’s difficult. You need to maintain availability. Some people have misunderstood this. I already accept certain things. I know who goes where and how. Unique. You need to develop a game model and a player model for the game, but this should be done in an educational system, not improvisation.

“The performance of the national team is proud of us.”

“We are proud to see the performance of the players who have moved from the Ümit national team to the national team. Yunus Akgun played by Yunus Akgun, Doan Alemdar, Haril, etc. Most of the players are us. I passed by. Most young people. I came from the base of the national team. I am honored to have the fact that the players are playing and protecting the country, the country and the values. “

“I always need to do more”

“Talent doesn’t mean anything in itself. Discovering, nurturing and maintaining talent is another thing. If you can protect your talent, if you can maintain a sustainable structure, you will participate in all tournaments. Anyone in this business says, “I’m always trying to explain it to the players. They point out that they have to struggle to add value and meaning to things.”

“Is the player good or bad, young or old?”

“You will do the job well. No matter what you do, you will do your best. I will do this job with love. I struggled in a very difficult situation. I played football in difficult places in the 88-89-2000s. No one helped there because we came ourselves and want to get back what I gave, so I’m here and the club I took great care of those kids in both. For example, I played them. I played a very young player. I believed. There are many players who made their debut with me. I’m proud of this. I’ll do the same if it’s the same. Athletes aren’t young or old, good or bad .. Like a coach. Domestic or overseas. A player like a coach It’s the same. There are good people and bad people. Coaches see and play with them. The equation is very simple. “

“Need the right league structure”

“The pandemic has pushed us a lot. Especially the league structure has deteriorated. It has pushed us back a bit. We want to create a proper league structure and come to the next period of the pandemic. I am thinking.”

“Our biggest problem is the club.”

“One of our biggest problems is the club. It hurt us a lot. It doesn’t matter where I play. I don’t care about it. It’s the only thing for me. Country and my flag. I am a patriot .. Whatever you call it, call it nationalism. I love my country. “These not only my feet but my heart. So I advise those who come to see the match. This place is neither near nor far. Any club. Win or lose, thank our country and to the end Let’s support our team. “