To love is another fact! -Last sports news

Besiktas President Ahmet Nur Chebi made a statement at a press conference he held before the next General Assembly on transfers, the club’s financial structure and referees. The important parts of Sebi’s speech are: Cenk Tosun is our son. With me I talked about the price So big among us There is a difference. Love is different, reality is different. do you want? In my own words …

No flashy budget
There is no crazy budget for transfers. Our goal is not to get a star, but to make one. We want to be a model for young people, including 3-4 quality players in our team. Especially with a striker. Lidovan, Elsin, Selder … about everything Knock on our door. Our kids won’t go anywhere unless we get the numbers in our heads. Contracts with young people cannot be made in a way that undermines Besiktas’ interests. The manager does this, but he is not a child. There is no need to extend the contract 1-2 years before the end of the contract.

Debt 10% screw, 10% LJAJIC
Now that his screw contract is over, he can say goodbye to his friends. We are meeting him. 10% of the debt is Vida and 10% is Ljajic. If Vida lowers her salary, she can stay. If the border doesn’t get in the way, she wants to continue with Rocky. Tayfur Play with Bingöl and Besiktas But he said he wanted 29-year-old.In our plan Older. I don’t regret buying Pjanic. He was like the brother of the team. But his contribution was not at the level we expected.

For liberation Referee Everything needs to be changed
He was not involved in the operation of the REFEREE. We didn’t give anyone a list. But it was incomplete and mistaken. The work was diluted because not everything was done. Especially flowers This operation is correct Anyone who can’t find it, all referees Victim after mistake The person who says it. In order to save Turkish football, the refereeing system must be rebuilt. Say goodbye to the old referee and pave the way for young people.

federation all Board must resign
I call on all TFF agencies. Everyone will resign. You are all prejudiced. The Trabzonspor-Besiktas match should have been repeated. They said the decision did not affect the outcome. We hope that the arbitration committee that made that decision will not be held in the new season. TFF Presidency I’m not thinking about that. If I had such an idea, I would not be a presidential candidate again in Besiktas.

We deserve the law!
It was hard on the day I arrived, but it’s hard today. The only thing that has changed is that we have a healthier contract. But the big problem remains in the invisible part of the iceberg. Sports law I came because of this problem. We deserve it as club managers, so it’s not a place to criticize sports law.

NOBODY’S No reception
The debt when we took office was 3 billion TL. Currently 4.3 billion TL. This was unavoidable, including the difference between interest rates and exchange rates. Revenue is $ 1.8 billion and costs are $ 1.8 billion. I have a well-balanced budget, but it seems that debt has increased due to the effects of interest rates and exchange rates. I think this is a success. It is out of the question for everyone to buy from Besiktas at this time. Why didn’t we start working on coins? We will scrutinize this issue as fans can be victims.

I’m behind 0054SMAEL
I did not send teachers, including Abdullah Abju. I just broke up with the person I wanted to go to. Valerian Ismael, to date Until then, there was no U19 team He didn’t miss the match. So I am very happy with my teacher. Unless Ismael doesn’t want to go, I’ll stand behind him. We are confident that it will be successful.

With new management Change will occur
Focusing on YOUTH, we would like to create a system to hire players who can sell at low cost and high wages. This is a message to the community if you win. Some friends continue to manage, there are some new names.