Tijiri City opens sports complex


The Municipality of Tijiri has opened swimming pools and sports facilities in the Park of Republic and Democracy. The opening closed with a concert by the Metin-Kemal Kahraman brothers.


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As a result of the renovation works carried out at Cumhuriyet and Democracy Park, the Chilean City has opened the Cumhuriyet and Democracy Park swimming pool and sports complex, which includes a swimming pool, billiard room, tennis courts and sports activities area. In addition to the swimming pool and sports complex, the statue of Ataturk, built to be placed in the Republic and Democracy Park, was also inaugurated.


CHP Vice-Chairman Ali Oztunci, CHP Izmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yousser, CHP Izmir Vice-Chairman Sevda Eldan Kurci, Mayors, non-governmental organizations and citizens attended the opening ceremony.

In his opening remarks, Tijiri Mayor Utuk Gyumruktu said: As we arrive today, we are proud to keep our promise to our fellow citizens. When we took over the job, our sports club had 400 of his students. Currently in various branches he has 3,700 students. We offer citizens, especially children, youth and women, the opportunity to play sports in 14 different sectors. There is another park in the immediate vicinity of the facility that opened. We plan to add basketball, volleyball and soccer fields there in the near future,” he said.

CHP Vice Chairman Ali Öztunç said: Thanks to all who contributed, especially to President Utok Gumluk. CHP municipalities continue to work for the people. Like all mayors of Izmir, Mayor Utok implements one worthy project for the people of Tijiri. They said everything would be fine in Istanbul. 10 months left, better, coming soon, get rid of this power. I am so happy to be in Tijiri and to be with the Tijiri people on this meaningful day. ”

The hero of METİN-KEMAL appears


After the opening, Metin-Kemal Kahraman brothers took to the stage at Cumhuriyet and Democracy Park Amphitheater to sing popular tunes for Tigri’s music lovers.

At the concert, Gümrükçü said: The facility allows children, youth and women to play sports in 14 branches. There was a fighter jet in the Republic and Democracy Park. From here, I took it to the soon-to-be-opened Space and Air Museum. We put a statue of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of our republic, and thought that the most beautiful work worthy of the Republic and Democracy Park would be the statue of Ataturk. We sang sad music in different languages ​​of Anatolia with fellow citizens of Sijili who did not leave us alone in the opening, but with Metin and Kemal brothers we talked about rebellion and resistance.

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