TIESF President Vral visits Ukrainian athletes

The Ukrainian National Hearing Loss Orienteering Team has come to Turkey to attend the camps and competitions held in Antalya from February 17th to 28th. The Inegol City Orienteering Team, who participated in the same tournament, took care of a group of 16 people who were unable to return to their country due to the Russo-Ukraine War. After contacting the mayor of Inegol, Alper Taban, the Ukrainian National Hearing Impaired Orienteering Team was invited to Inegol. Athletes who were unable to return to their home country due to the war with trainer Tachenko Vasily were taken to Inegöl by a vehicle in the city of Inegöl on Sunday night. The city of Inegol has opened accommodation for the Nature Sports and Tourism Center (DOSTUM) for athletes.

“I will do everything I can until the end of the war.”

Ukrainian athletes hosted at the DOSTUM facility were visited by Kerim Vural, President of the Turkish Federation of Hearing Impaired Sports. Kelim Vral, Mayor of Alper Taban, Dr. State Health Director. Fevzi Yavuzyılmaz accompanied him. Speaking on the visit, Vural said:

“Currently, very sad events are happening in Ukraine and the world continues. The Ukrainian Sports Federation is working closely and we are in close contact with all kinds of championships such as the world. Participating. Europe, the Olympics, and sometimes we participate in competitions. One of the sports federations we participate in. They sent us written information. What can we do for them and how can we help them? ”We took immediate action. They are preparing for a “third hearing-impaired person.” We are also preparing. They are also preparing here. We will do our best by state means so that we can continue to prepare here as if they were in our own country until this bad process goes through. As you know, both our country and the president are in the world. To protect and monitor people. A person who has fallen into this immigrant state. Known to him. The situation is the same here. After all, there is a war. As much as we can, we will continue to support them in terms of both moral motivation and the ability to continue working here. “

“We will participate in Brazil’s hearing-impaired people at 14 branches.”

Vural, who also provided information on the work of the national team, said:

“On the other hand, we are preparing for the hearing-impaired in Brazil on May 15th. We are working at full speed. We will be attending 14 branches. We are preparing accordingly. Completed. 14 branch Turkish Championships. Now it’s the 1st and 2nd. Continue the 2nd camp. The Karate national team, also in Brusa, will have the 2nd camp. Camps in various cities Yes. Already completed. The last Olympics was 4th out of 96 countries. Achieved the most sporting achievements in Turkey’s sports history. The last Olympics was 42 including 17 gold, 7 silver and 22 bronze. Completed with a medal. This is trivial. Light. This is a very serious sport achievement. Our soccer team is an Olympic champion. Our volleyball team is an Olympic champion. Our handball team is an Olympic champion. Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Wrestling, not the first in all of these, we are the second, if not the second, the third. We are very We have a high level of sporting success. Now we are working harder to be more successful than before. ”