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Turkish Airlines is now the official sponsor of one of the most watched sporting events on the international scale, the UEFA Champions League. One of the most important sponsorships in Turkish sporting history, this prestigious cooperation is also of particular importance in that the UEFA Champions League Final will take place on his 10 June 2023 at Istanbul Ataturk Olympic Stadium.

Officially sponsored by Turkish Airlines, the Champions League event will reach 678 million viewers throughout the season with over 70 broadcasters in 200 countries. With 28 billion interactions on social media, sports fans share the excitement of the Champions League. Within the scope of the agreement, Turkish Airlines has the visibility and usage rights to many of the logos and names, including the LED screens next to the field before, during and after the broadcast of the match. However, a global carrier. We will also participate in the finals of the UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Futsal Champions League and UEFA Youth League as official sponsors.

Announcing UEFA Champions League Sponsorship by Turkish Airlines Dr. Ahmet Borat, Top Manager, UEFA President Alexander Ceferin and UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein at the Halichi Congress Centre.

“We will gather the whole world in Istanbul”

Prof. Dr. Sponsorship of Chairman and Executive Board of Turkish Airlines “As the flag carrier airline of our country, we are thrilled to sponsor one of the world’s largest sports organizations, the UEFA Champions League. We are taking our brand to the next level, with this sponsorship we will promote the Turkish Airlines brand all over the world throughout the season and connect the whole world in Istanbul on June 10, 2023. I We believe in the unifying power of sport that unites different cultures, and we aim to remain a part of the world’s leading sports organizations.” Said.


UEFA Marketing Director Guy-Laurent Epstein “We are very pleased to be competing with Turkish Airlines in the most important sporting event in the world, the UEFA Champions League. We both offer global reach and connect fans across continents. , we are very pleased that the deal has been signed in the year that the final of this prestigious tournament will be held in Istanbul.As two brands, we share similar passions and when it comes to partnership I believe it is infinite.” made a statement.

Turkish Airlines became the first airline in the world to cooperate with UEFA as official airline sponsor at EURO 2016. The flag carrier airline has also sponsored important teams such as FC Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund, Olympique de Marseille and River his plate. Turkish Airlines’ commercial movie ‘The Selfie Shootout’ starring Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi is also one of his most watched commercials of all time.

Since 2010, the National Flag Carrier Airlines, which today supports various sports sectors besides football, has been a sponsor of the most important basketball tournament in Europe, the Turkish Airlines Euroleague. Turkish Airlines also offers advanced support for sports such as volleyball, tennis, golf, rugby and horse riding.