Three simple exercises to do at home without going to the gym for those who want to have a flat stomach

If you don’t have time to go to the gym, here are three exercises you can do at home to tighten and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Doing these exercises daily will help you train your abdominal muscles …

Many people are exhausted by exercising to flatten their stomachs. Nutritionists can confidently say that abdominal exercises are not enough in most cases. Anyone who wants to have a flat stomach should lose their extra weight with the help of a diet.

Thanks to these exercises you can have a fit body

To lose extra weight, you also need a healthy diet. Therefore, eat low-calorie foods and avoid alcohol and sweets as much as possible. However, you can enjoy the luxury of ice cream for lunch several times a week. It mainly replaces food. However, those who make this choice should first focus on two factors.

Proper nutrition helps you lose weight, lean and swell. However, special exercise is also required to keep the abdomen flat and the abdominal muscles prominent. Fortunately, you don’t have to go to the gym to do sit-ups, you can do sit-ups at home. People who haven’t done sit-ups or haven’t been active for months should start with the simplest and gradually progress.

3 Exercises you must do to get a flat belly

Abs exercises are the classic abs exercises and are the easiest exercises to date. Lying on your back, rest your feet on the floor, bend your knees 90 degrees, and turn your torso up. You need to make a 45 degree angle with the floor before returning to the starting position. Your hands go behind your neck, but be careful not to strain your neck when you stand up on your torso.

Double crunches are a bit more complicated and even more intense. You always lie on your back on the ground and start lying down. With your knees bent and your legs raised, your thighs should be at a 90 degree angle to the floor. The hands always go behind the neck. Slowly lift your back and try to bring your torso and shoulders closer to your knees. At maximum contraction, that position is held for 1 second and then returns to the starting position.

The third highly effective exercise is the straight leg crunch. It either starts in the supine position or stretches out and lies completely on its back. They extend their arms along their bodies and place their hands under their hips. At this point, the legs are lifted and extended to a position of 45 degrees to the floor. Then slowly descend, stop just before touching the floor, and repeat the exercise. The back remains grounded throughout the movement.


Fourth effective exercise on a flat tummy

The fourth exercise, the board, can be added to these three exercises. Take the prone position and lie flat on the floor of your stomach. The forearms are placed on the ground at shoulder height and lifted so that the whole body is lined up. To make this gesture, lift from your fingertips. Hold this position for 30 seconds to contract the abdominal muscles.

These exercises are very easy and can be done at any time of the day. It takes less than 15 minutes and is available in the morning and evening before work. It is best to start 3 sets of 10 iterations in the first 3 exercises and finally increase the number of people in charge. Instead, you can repeat the plank three times for 30 seconds and then gradually increase the time.

For those who want a flat stomach, this activity helps build muscle, but without proper nutrition, you can’t get rid of excess weight alone. If your diet is high in calories and very abundant, you need to reduce the amount and calories.