“This league cannot be registered, will not be played”

Adil Gevrek, president of Öznur Kablo Yeni Malatya spor, one of the super league teams, made a brief statement about the season not being registered.

Adil Gebrek, who first responded to the referee’s decision at a press conference, said, “The referee lost at least 13 points. TFF and MHK accepted these mistakes. Only Yeni Malatya Spaul did not experience this. The same is true for other Turkish football rivals, Rizesupo, Galatasaray … the same is true for the Trabuzonspo. You could lose the match due to your own mistakes, and the referee’s mistakes occurred. But I spent a lot of money on the VAR. Sometimes I’m called by the VAR, sometimes I don’t. They monitor the VAR and make very serious mistakes. Penalties in the Altay match. I looked it up and asked an expert. The VAR referee said “Let it go”. How many such penalties are there in Turkey and how many times have you repeated this? ” Said.

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“The league is not registered this way”

Adil Gebrek also said that MHK had delisted 12 referees: Our match. Was their performance poor? Is there a problem or doubt? In such cases, the league cannot be registered this way. If there is no doubt, why did you dismiss these referees? You have been a referee for 25 years. If so, why didn’t you wait 10 weeks? Are you going to look for something under this? I’m looking for something under this! These referee matches, we seek our rights. There is no such event in the world. I made a statement.

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“Congratulations on Trabzonspor, I don’t want to be in the shadows”

Adil Gebrek also said, “Congratulations to Trabzonspor. I can’t say anything to this team. I don’t want to cast a shadow here. But how is this league registered? By points lost from the referee. It changes a lot .. That means there are a lot of problems! As football, you will fall, but everyone will come out with the truth. Let him speak. ” I put it out.

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“We didn’t go to Altai Match”

Adil Gebrek continued to talk about the Super League season, saying, “I don’t know if this league will end in the police station or in court. If you agree, this won’t go up. I won’t.” I’m going to the second half of the Altai match. We did not respect Altay and the audience. District court? UEFA? I used a phrase.

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“Anatolian Club Sink”

Regarding debt and Turkish football, Adil Gebrek said, “I didn’t want it, but the publisher gave me a one-year discount, which continued every year. The Anatolian team was dragged to the edge of the cliff. Big teams are also in debt. We have lowered our brand value. Referee, what happened … Is TFF’s duty simply to distribute money? Project Wouldn’t it be to create, improve quality and do something in the name of football? The Anatolian team hasn’t been able to change themselves for the past three years. Sivasspor is a very well managed team. They can’t get out of it. They don’t get support from the city. They get support from politicians. The city of Anatolia. Someone isn’t right to buy, but bought. No. Sold nearly 11 million euros. I have nearly 250 million debt. Why did this debt occur? 120 million money was saved from me! Contract, why are you this contract? Didn’t you obey? When we say these, he blames it elsewhere. Some of Anatolia’s teams don’t come out and talk. R. No exchange difference If I don’t lose money, I’ll continue without debt. I won’t get the support of politicians and businessmen. I’ve had two championships, but I couldn’t see myself in the photos. Where’s the good day? Are you there or where are you on bad days?

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Promise of publishing bid

President Adil Gebrek finally said, “It’s a tough day to wait for Turkish football. While playing in the Super League, you will receive € 17.5 million, but the teams remaining in the league today will receive € 4.5 million, which is what they are today. Situation. They won’t get it in a new bid, “he said.

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