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Ahmet Aoul, the 17th president of Trabzonspor, has taken over the mission from Muharrem Usta. Financially collapsed and sporty-failed Ağaoğlu and his management unveiled Trabzonspor’s philosophy on the day he won the election, solving problems and gaining structure within three to four years. Will do. He promised the members of the General Assembly that they would never be left behind in the race. Ağaoğlu became the president who made history by bringing the Ziraat Turkey Cup, Super Cup and Championship Trophy to the Trabzonspor Museum during his four-year tenure.

Three executives changed and eight did not give up their names

After taking office in 2018, Trabzonspor’s President Ahmet Aoul ran three elections and changed his board of directors. Ağaoğlu did not give up eight names in the three periods of the problem. Vice President Ertuğrul Doğan, Vice President Müminhan Bilgin, Yalçın Orhan, Ömer Sağıroğlu, Lokman Sadıklar, Zafer Göktaş and Serdar EkremŞirin continued.

The match of Yeni Malatya Spaul is one of the turning points

Luza Charumbay was the leader of the Burgundy blue team when President Ahmet Aoul of Trabzonspor took office in April 2018. With a cast of € 45 to € 50 million, which is considered expensive due to the club’s situation, the Black Sea team was experiencing financial and sports challenges. In the 12th week of the 2018-2019 season, a fundamental decision was made to exclude Burak Yılmaz and Onur Kıvrak from the team instead of sending coaches to Trabzonspor.

Painful technical process

Ağaoğlu, who won the team in 5th place seven weeks before the end of the league in April of the 2017-2018 season, finished the season with the same ranking. At the end of the season, management thanked Luza Charumbay and left the team to Unal Karaman, finishing fourth in the 2018-2019 season. In the 2019-2020 season, Trabzonspor, who broke up with Karaman after the end of the first half due to Unal Karaman and the development of management, finished the first half of the season in 3rd place. Following the path with Karaman’s assistant Hüsey in Çimşir, the Burgundy Blue club took the leadership in the 20th week and Aytemiz Alanyaspor drew 2-2 to move to Başakşehir in the 28th week. The Karadeniz team, who finished second in the season, broke up with Hussein Chimsil without waiting for the end of the season, with Eddie Newton at the top of the team.

Financial collapse banned from Europe

The UEFA has decided to ban Trabzonspor from the European Cup for a year because it did not meet its financial obligations. UEFA is eligible to join the UEFA organization during the 2020-2021 season as the Burgundy Blue club violates the rules of the 2016 Financial Fair Play Regulations and does not meet the requirements until October 15, 2019. Despite being banned.

Pandemic and trauma

In the 2019-2020 Super League, a pandemic caused the league leader to lose 12 points in episodes of the last eight weeks and was interrupted, but the match has resumed. The June 2020 Alanyaspor away game drew 2-2 and Trabzonspor lost the lead after the match. The Black Sea team, who lost their championship during the pandemic and entered a troubled period and experienced trauma, brought the Zirat Turkey Cup to the museum at the same time.

From the era of chaos to the era of rising

Trabzonspor, who jumped to the top of the Super League in the pre-pandemic 2019-2020 season and lost the Medipole Bashakshehir championship in the last few weeks, began the 2020-2021 season in turmoil. Coaches first and then management were the focus of criticism of the Burgundy Blue Team, who were able to score 6 points in the first eight weeks of the season.

A new story outside Istanbul

Abdullah Abju took over the leadership of the team on November 10, 2020, after Ahmet Aoul broke up with British coach Eddie Newton. It wasn’t that easy for Avcı, whose name was mentioned in Trabzonspor, to discuss with the Burgundy Blue club if it was the right choice. In the past, the first Abdullah Abju demands of the Burgundy Blue people did not come true for several reasons. Thinking that Trabzonspor would be the right choice for a new story after troubled days, Avcı revived in the most ideal scenario for both sides.

Staff engineering

Trabzonspor coach Abdullah Avc focused on the simple goal of recognizing the habits of the team in the first semester. By bringing the team from 17th place to the Europa League, we have won the trust of management and the community. In the first year of the Black Sea team, trying to do his best with the current staff, Avcı sought to boost morale with the victory brought about by the point enhancement. Experienced coaches have played an active role in the transfer as they move from 2021 to the 2022 season. Gervinho, Hamsik, Siopis, Dorukhan and Cornelius were first added to problem solvers such as Abdulkadir Ömür, Nwakaeme, Djaniny and Bakasetas. Then Edin Višza came. Most of the Avcı transfers contributed as soon as they arrived and there were no adaptation issues.

Farewell to Europe, return to league

Trabzonspor rejoined earlier this season, completing a one-year ban on the Europa League last season. The early exclusion of Bordeaux blues from Europe had a positive impact on team competition in the league. Beginning the conference league season, the Black Sea team was able to defeat Molde in their first qualifying match. In the next round, Avcı’s team played against Mourinho’s Rome. Trabzonspor lost to their opponents in both games and closed the European book early. Trabzonspor, who got off to a stormy start in the Super League, caught an undefeated streak of 15 games. In the same series, it was 12 wins and 3 draws.

The moment it breaks

The Burgundy Blues, who experienced a crisis at the critical points of the season, did not encounter such a situation this season. The Abdullah Abju team, which had only been defeated twice, won sensational victories in three of the six games they played against their rivals. It was a draw three times. The first of those matches was the Fenerbahce match on October 17th. Prior to this match, Fenerbahce was the leader, one point ahead of Trabzonspor. Vítor Pereira’s team has been shown as the championship’s biggest favorite. The Yellow Dark Blue team led 1-0 but lost 3-1 on the field. Trabzonspor, who made a spectacular comeback, has not left the leadership position he has acquired since this day. In another match, Trabzonspor defeated last season’s champion Besiktas 2-1 in Istanbul, breaking the opponent’s resistance. After losing 1-0 to Galatasaray in Istanbul, the Burgundy Blues came back again and were able to beat their opponents 2-1. Trabzonspor successfully escaped from the moment of the break and solidified its top position.

Collation and communication

One of the biggest factors that Trabzonspor enjoyed the championship 38 years later is the fusion within the team and the communication method created by Director Abdullah Abju within the team. An experienced technician who harmonizes well with his cast knew when and how to touch which player. After Abdullah Abju topped the team in the 2020-2021 season, it became an excellent system team. At the time, they did a good defensive job with the current team, but this season they were both defensive and offensive in the foreground.

The community is united

The success of Trabzonspor this season is only assessed by the team’s performance in the field. There were heroes not only outdoors but also outdoors. Throughout the season, fans only talked about the championship. The match reflected the positive atmosphere of the city on the team, but Abdullah Avc was the first in his career to profile such a powerful leader. He found the support of Trabzon fans who weren’t caught in Besiktas, but being with a group of professional players made it easier for coaches to respect the players.

Transfer of Ahmet Ağaoğlu

President Ahmet Ağaoğlu has transferred many players during his 476-day presidency. Nearly 30 local players have joined the Burgundy Blue team, including 37 foreign players who were on Team A or were given to lower teams. Trabzonspor, who benefited from most of them, could not benefit from some names. However, the Black Sea team is one of the biggest players in winning the championship trophy, as it is one of the clubs that has minimized transfer mistakes signed by keeping its financial structure at the forefront.

3 trophies in 4 years

After being elected chair at the extraordinary general meeting held in Trabzonspor on April 8, 2018, Ahmet Aoul, who was appointed chairman for three years at the general meeting on December 2, 2018, will be re-elected for a three-year term. rice field. In the election, he participated in a single list on December 5, 2021. Trabzonspor played 150 league games during Ağaoğlu’s presidency. Bordeaux-Blues had 80 wins, 46 draws and 23 losses in these games.

Historical difference from its archrival

This season, Trabzonspor made a historic difference to Istanbul’s Big Three, Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray, three weeks before the end of the Super League. Bordeaux-Blues is 9 points ahead of its closest rival Fenerbahçe, 23 points ahead of Beşiktaş and 30 points ahead of Galatasaray.