This is the beginning of the Trabzonspor championship story-Trabzonspor (TS) News

In fact, the story of this historic championship in Trabzonspor began to be written last year … The delay in arrival of Abdullah Avc in the ninth week after the championship was defeated by Basakshehir in the last eight games is Bordeaux Bruce. It was a turning point for us, and the start of the season with Eddie Newton was very bad. First finishing the illness of a simple goal concession, Abdullah, more importantly, healed the team’s psychological collapse by winning a match on the field. Today’s preview he made by lifting the Super Cup in the air when the date indicated January 27, 2021. Well, more …

Memory of Avcı with Hamsík

Also, Trabzonspor, who started planning from February to March this season, has a camp in Riva and has decided with whom to strengthen … 3-4 people before the end of the league. Even agreed with the player. In short, the cliché “transfer catches up with the camp” in our football was realized by the manager of the Claret Red-Blue Club. Gervinho, Peres, Hamsik, Cornelius, Dorukhan, Siopis … Speaking one-on-one on every transfer, Avcı made a video call with Hamsik a little different. He explained to a Slovak player that he traveled to Italy with his family many years ago and both his sons received a Hamsík jersey during the Naples tour, and Abdullah’s coach told him “you. Is the field leader I’m looking for. You should. Come to Trabzon. This championship will be unforgettable for you too. “

Voice of the Dolmabahce Champion

Abdullah Abju and his students, who did not lose the match between Konya and Alanya and had 10 players and delivered the message “This team will never give up”, became the leader of the Super League when returning from 1-. became. Defeated Fenerbahce in the 0th and 9th weeks in Akyazi. The ritual of coming from behind and winning continued forever. Trabzonspor won for eight consecutive weeks, watching the match in which his opponent lost points during this period. In particular, Vodafone Park has Beşiktaşderby. With the victory goal that Cornelius won 90 + 6, all Trabzonspor players said “this year is this year”. 90 minutes later, the changing room moaned with a “champion” sound, and President Aoul, who got off the protocol, announced a big bonus to the team …

“No one can go anywhere”

When we visited my journalist elders Tunç Kayacı and Abdullah Avcı in Riva on July 9, the teacher had an extraordinary championship claim in his eyes. In a 1.5-hour conversation, Avcı emphasized the following words: “Now it’s time for both Trabzonspor and me. We believe we’ll be champions.” The teacher was focused on the target, so to all the names that came to the offer, especially Vitor Hugo and Djaniny. “No one can go without lifting the trophy,” he gave his assistant Orhan Ak the same answer. Many clubs in Anatolia want as coaches. Let’s get back to the field … Having a great time at Liver Camp, Trabzonspor is a favorite of the tournament after eliminating Molde in the Conference League. He played against Rome under Mourinho and said goodbye to Europe.

Abdul Kadir’s tears

The moment of the team’s first break, which started the Super League with 3 out of 3 points, was a Galatasaray match at Akyazi … Abdülkadir Omur set aside in the 37th minute when Trabzonspor returned from 2-0. Was placed in and shed tears. .. Avcı said at a press conference, “If we become champions, we are Ömür,” while everyone makes comments such as “Abdulkadir cannot recover” and “The teacher threw a player in front of the fans.” A player like “; he brought himself to a young student who asked for a vacation the next day, with the words,” There is no vacation. I will come to training first and ride on it. ” That Abdul Kadir was the hero of many subsequent games, and Trabzonspor reached the highest scorer performance of his career.