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Georges-Kevin Nkoudou, who until a few weeks ago had been on the agenda of leaving Besiktas as he had not been efficient enough since the day he joined Besiktas, and Salif Ousan, who was able to move last season, lived up to expectations. It was later loaned to Basaksehir and born of his ashes. Surrey got off to a good start and kept up the gear for the second game in a row. Beyond Alanya Goal Accomplished, Karagum Rucksack great assist in the game experienced player admire everyone in football left. There’s little vacation and hard work behind Salih’s strong comeback.

Technical team hands relaxed
end of last season
just a week later vacationers 28 year old soccer player new season after ready for camping boot and manager Impressive Valerian Ismael for about 25 Days worked individually. personal trainer hugging my hometown saree Made in Mugla. at detox camp Recommended by a nutritionist I adjusted my diet. sleeping from an expert experienced help player, physically and mentally as myself built confidence. Surrey to win the flying important to the team see as management and technology Experienced team name from your performance more and more Happy. both teams provided by performance contribution as well as local rule technique reassure the team.

In an interview with SABAH SPORT, he abandoned his claims
Salif underscored his confidence in a statement he made after the Karagümluk match. Morning sportsin an interview with.

question of the day
Salih and N’Koudou performed very well. Do you have any comments on the two soccer players?

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Besiktas last chance for Surrey
Besiktas Enkoudu, the leading asset of offense… You can’t find a position unless you attack from the sideline.Dutch striker Wegor’s success N’Koudou will bring he needed the ball Nkudu, who started the first 11 in the match between Alanya and Karagumluk, did not mislead me. He helped Besiktas win the match with both high performances and crosses. There was confidence in what Sally Hussain said after the game.itself ‘Me I am an experienced and quality player. Say. Sarri has to admit that he failed to capitalize on the chances he had with Fenerbahçe and Roma. I think Valerien Ismael is an opportunity for Salih. He has to stabilize a successful game so that the self-descriptive words fall into place. because it’s sari. game sanity, environmental control excellent technology strong and a leader I’m a player. Besiktas is the last chance for Sally.


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They found trust, they’re looking for evidence
Surrey fly to the last game “Lost Star” was in a state. His great team his performances were not good enough and his coach decided he was “slow paced”. Injuries to Joseph and Atiba and the sale of Emirhan brought him back to his senses when he became the starting eleven player. it is demanding and unruly It’s going to do whatever it takes. In fact, Besiktas wanted to get rid of the shock he experienced against Karagümluk in Alanya. The ambience of the grandstand also helped. They gave a near-perfect performance for his 60–70 minutes. At this point, it’s easier for the extra player to show the difference. Sally is now a national Candidate for team representative. At a crossroads at the end of last season, Nkoudou was confident in himself.The only difference between last year’s two players “You are at 11” by Valerien Ismael in their eyes is the reaction. They earned their trust and are now looking for evidence.

Brent Timrenk
they win hearts again
Sale, He expected it to be eleven o’clock when he came to Besiktas for what he had done in Alanya. Alex Teixeira’s transfer account got mixed up. After receiving a red card, he hit bottom pointlessly and went on loan to Basaksehir. Teixeira is no longer in the team. But this time it’s the sound of Dele Alli. 8+3 Besiktas he has a big problem.Surrey That’s why it’s worth it. When Josef returns to the team, have Barkey or Kartal sit on the sidelines. So goalkeepers Ersin, Salif and Necip join Besiktas’ defense. Salih got off to a good start. If he continues, he will give fans more joy with his Beşiktaş, which has no creativity issues with Ghezzal. N’Koudou’s The fabric is clear.being strong Opponent defender’s blood frustrating player. See how he went out of sight last season with a very long injury. Now he’s winning hearts again.