“This is a historic step,” explained Bekir Bozdag. We will pay compensation if necessary.

Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag said the rules prepared for violence in health and the protection of doctors would remove the pressure of compensation from doctors.

“There is a risk to health”

Recalling that they said they would protect doctors like judges, Bozder said, “Today, many of our citizens go to hospitals, get medical examinations, make diagnostic decisions, make treatment decisions, and use medicines. Doctors make these decisions and these treatments. When thinking about compensation cases when applying, they can’t be brave a decision. His health could be at stake because of the shyness. “ He said.

“Risk branches are not recommended”

According to health ministry data, the number of doctors who prefer dangerous branches is declining, Bosder said. “There is a decline in preference, especially in departments that require surgery, surgeons, cardiovascular and many other important departments. One of the main reasons for this is an increase in compensation cases. Of course, this is him. Early recovery and healthy behavior of his treatment. Said.

“Historical step, state pays compensation”

“We bring the same guarantees to doctors as judges.” Bozdag said:

“If they also acted against drug requirements and proved to have abused their obligations for that, a committee formed under the Ministry of Health decides whether to rely on them, too. Very important. From our doctor’s point of view, and all citizens applying for treatment to the hospital. This is also important for citizens. There is no citizen dissatisfaction here. If a situation arises that requires compensation, The state pays this compensation to the citizens. Do not put obstacles before the citizen’s claim. Do not put obstacles before the citizen’s claim. We guarantee that it will be delivered to you. It’s a historic step. “

“Catalog is a crime”

Bozder said there were some problems with previous regulations on violence in health. “To eliminate these deficiencies, we actually include the previous regulations of the Health Act in the CMK catalog, which includes cases that are considered the reason for the arrest. In fact, Judges and prosecutors are looking at this. Catalog. By forwarding this here, we are dealing with people involved in violence against doctors. “More effective prevention against perpetrators of violence. It paves the way for action. Therefore, we have implemented very important regulations regarding doctors. “ I used a phrase.

“A good statement will have a more accurate representation.”

Minister Bekir Bozdag also provided information on a new reform package in the fight against violence against women announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Bozder points out that Good Behavior discounts are not being used for that purpose, saying: “There is no remorse in the second paragraph of Article 62 of the Turkish Criminal Code that regulates the reduction of good deeds. The new regulation is based on regretful behavior. At the end of the article, it says: ..’. And empowers to use discretion. Currently, this regulation removes phrases such as “problems like” that open the door to unlimited and unlimited discretion from the body of the law. It has been. He said.

Minister Bozdag also said “Our law does not allow perpetrators who stabbed women who ate 23 knives to be released by judicial control, so we decided to implement new regulations. After that, the decline in good behavior is not an unlimited reason. “” Said.