This evokes preparations for early elections.

Ankara- The AK Party and MHP bills, which envisioned changes in the election law, were discussed at the Constitutional Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Opposition lawmakers disagreed in negotiations that lasted until early in the morning. AK Party Vice-Chair Hayati Yazıcı and MHP Vice-Chair Feti Yıldız responded to the criticism.

HDPTIRYAK0054 asked the judge to attend the Election Commission

Temporary Article 24 of the People’s Union bill portrayed opposition from the opposition. According to the bill’s article, the 11 election commission presidents and members, as well as the district election commission presidents, were to be re-determined within three months of the enactment of the law. According to the proposal, the president and members thus determined would complete the term of the former president and members.

Criticism of this article came from members of the HDP’s Supreme Election Commission (YSK) and Batman’s Deputy Mehmet Rüştü Tiryaki. “The amendments to the Election Act are not applicable to elections that take place within a year of the effective date,” Tiriyaki said in Article 67 of the Constitution.

After this reminder, Tiryaki asked questions to Hayati Yazıcı of the AK Party and Feti Yıldız of the MHP. HDP’s Tiryaki, hoping that the proposal would pass the committee and be expected to be approved at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, was 2022 by the President of the State Election Commission, the President and members of the District Election Commission. In January of the year, the provisional provision was rejected by January 2024, when his term expired, and instead a lottery would determine a new judge, asking if this was true. MHP’s Yıldız answered Tiryaki’s question, “That’s true.”

“Do you elect with the judge you released?”

After MHP’s Yildiz replied, “That’s true,” HDP’s Tiryaki criticized the fact that this provisional clause could apply to early elections. If the proposal is enacted, the election decision will be made in November 2022, and less than a year later, Tyryaki said: Did the judge appointed to the Supreme Court in January 2022, when you were dismissed, sworn to start this job, or will the judge appointed by this bill do it? I asked a question.

In any case, HDP’s Tiryaki states that the dismissal of judges from state and district election commissions is contrary to Article 139 of the Constitution, and if elections are held with these appointed judges in early elections, the Constitution Said to violate. Before this happened, you would have implemented amendments to the election law and elected with unauthorized people, which would be unconstitutional anyway, “he said.

In response to HDP’s Tiryaki opposition, MHP’s Feti Yıldız said: Let’s emphasize it. “

“The change proposal consists of preparing for an early election here.”

Opposition to the bill drafted at the Commission meeting came from Antalya Deputy Feridumbasi of the IYI Party. Recalling the provision of Article 67 of the Constitution that “the amendments to the Election Law cannot be applied to elections held within one year from the effective date,” the IYI Party Versi has managed elections within three months from the effective date of the law. The Commission is in compliance with Article 67 of the Constitution, saying, “This arrangement you have made is clearly unconstitutional. In addition, this proposed change raises the possibility of early election preparation.” Stated.

AK PARTY PRIVATE: There is an application to YSK. “I don’t want to make an election decision”

Recep Özel, YSK representative of the AK Party, said there are some drawbacks to initiating appointments from senior judges of the state and district election commissions. “I don’t want to be an election judge,” said an AK party specialist, saying that people who had never held an election and reached the highest level in an unhealthy profession applied to YSK. rice field. A judge who does not want to participate in the election said, “No, I am in court. I will fulfill this duty even if I do not know the election law or have never held an election.” And he said he brought his duty. Continuing his personal words, he said, “Now, at least in this arrangement, we’re incorporating this into the way we draw lots among the judges assigned to first class.”

“Are you going to hold an election for the judge, how do you find it?” Said Muharrem Erkek, Vice President of CHP. In response to the question, Ozel of the AK Party said, “We trust all judges and all judges do their job in the best possible way … we also leave this way. Provide an opportunity for those who have the right to do so.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Turan Aidan’s question “They had never withdrawn” gave a special answer “None”, but CHP’s Aidan “Do it or not, tell the truth, I We respect our hearts. “

Increasing tension during the committee interview: My name is FETIYILDIZE VOLUTION

Tensions increased during the hours of bill negotiations. “If this proposal goes into effect, it will be a black mark in political history,” said CHP Canakkale Deputy Muharlem Elkek, and MHP’s Fetti Yuls “is a historic shame.” “When Mehmet Mogultay was a minister, he hired an idealist and an image hatip,” he said.

CHP Mersin Deputy Arima Hill Basalil asked Fetilles, “What are these allegations about the dead Justice Minister?” He called. As Basalil continued to react loudly, Fetti Ildis said, “Look, brother, don’t speak up, do it properly.” After Basalil replied, “I’m very well-behaved,” MHP’s Ildis stood up and shouted. “Look, my name is my son Fetti Ildis.” Basalil then used the words, “I’m Ali Mahir Basalil,” and opposition lawmakers responded to Irdis, “Are you threatening?” did.

From BAŞK in T0054P to BAŞARIR in CHP: We will attend a lawyer and be comfortable

CHP Mersin Deputy Arima Hill Basalil criticized the proposed election threshold for being lowered from 10 percent to 7 percent. “It’s possible to nominate a presidential candidate with 100,000 signatures, but if the people aren’t in an alliance, the party that won 3 million votes will be represented,” Basharil said. The parties do not have to form an alliance. The alliance is an option. C, you respect those who do, but we have a president. It enters alone. , Receives 1%, 2% of the votes and elects eight agents. Is this justice? Where are the people’s will? He said.

Erkan Baş, Chairman of T0054P, said: CHP’s Basalil uses the phrase “comfortable” and says, “I hope you go through the dam. I will be happy. Let me tell you that. I will be happy. “He said.

Answers to AK Party Requests to Add President: We Adapt

The People’s Union’s proposal to parliament envisioned removing the phrase “prime minister” from the provisions of the law governing the ban during the election process, but did not include a statement about the ban on propaganda to the party leader. It was. The AK Party has criticized this situation and responded to CHP’s Arima Hill Basalil’s request to add the phrase “President” here.

Hayati Yazıcı, Vice-Chairman of the AK Party, replied, “We made no adjustments to this issue. We only adapted, that is, deleted words.”

“Lawyer” discussion

The proposal submitted by the People’s Union to Parliament envisaged that the condition of being a parliamentary group to qualify for elections would be abolished. To remind CHP members who joined the IYI party to participate in the 2018 elections, AK Party Deputy Afyonkarahisar Ario Zukaya used the term “rental” for members.

These words of Özkaya received a harsh reaction from CHP. Deputy Murato Emile of CHP Ankara said to AK party member Ozkaya that he could not rent a member of parliament and demanded that he apologize. Ozkaya, a member of the AK Party, insisted that CHP members should apologize. Mutual skirmishes continued for some time.

Write “Dam is what MHP needs”

Criticism continued that the election threshold was set at 7% during the Commission’s negotiations. CHPAydın Deputy Bülent Tezcan said the MHP would need 7% to leave the alliance, describing this situation as a “future investment” and “whatever the Nationalist Movement Party needs, a threshold. Is the threshold. ” .. It would be more accurate, “he said. Based on these words, MHP’s Feti Yıldız states: He suggested creating a 12-inch if very needed. CHP’s Tezkan repeated his proposal.

Constitutional Committee Discussion: Know Your Life

There was also a tense moment in the committee of proposals that envisioned amendments to the election law, co-signed by the AK Party and MHP.

A spokesperson for the Turkish Labor Party and Sera Kadigil, deputy leader of Istanbul, described the AK party’s proposal as “a new formula for robbing elections and understanding that it cannot win.” “I handed meat, milk, fruits, etc. Sir, why we got sunflower oil from Ukraine, from Russia,” Kadigil emphasized that social issues are not choices, but hunger and poverty. Do you buy wheat, we don’t talk about this. Why do children in this country go abroad, we don’t talk about it. Retirees trying to survive with a monthly salary of 2,3000 lira The AKP government has passed through this country like a flock of locusts. “

“Use clean words,” said Yusuf Beyazıt, chairman of the Constitutional Commission, while Kadıgil of T0054P continued his speech. Kadigil said, reminding President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s farmers of the words, “Take your mom.” “You are the last person to criticize me for my style. First, you go and teach Tayyip Erdogan a lesson that said,’Take your mother.'” Told.

Based on these words from Kadigil, AK Party Manisa Deputy Ismail Billen used the term “troublesome” for Kadigil. After this reaction, T0054P’s Kadıgil said: You can’t call me “troublesome”, you know your location! First, you go and teach Typ Erdogan, who said, “Take your mother,” he said.