“They were proud of 85 million people”-TRTSpor

“Love for sports doesn’t know the barriers,” Minister Casapol said at a sports equipment distribution ceremony at the Special Needs Education School at the Bestepemilet Congress and Culture Center.

Casapol, who wants to raise awareness of people with disabilities around the world for the disabled week, said:Today, we have friends who are proud of their success. Despite all the difficulties in the world of sports, arts, literature, education and business, we have brothers who inspire us and set an example in patience and struggle. Those who are proud of our country, those who represent our country in many parts of the world, those who raise the flag of our glory to the highest level, and those who let the whole world hear our national anthem. There is. We hope that the track, which departs for 500 special education schools today and travels around Japan for a month, will deepen our love for sports. Manufactured with 70% local content, our sporting goods need to serve nearly 20 sports branches, be distributed to 81 states, strengthen sports infrastructure and strengthen ties between us. there is. “ I used the phrase.

Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Casapol emphasized that over the last two decades, great efforts have been made to spread the sport to the grassroots. “Our head is high, our goals are high, our faith is strong and our motivation is full. We continue to experience the most beautiful happiness together. Most of the pre-2002 youth and sports facilities are barrier-free quality. It wasn’t. The Ministry of Youth Sports serves the disabled citizens not only during the week of the disabled, but also every month, every week, every day of the year.‘ He said.

Looking back on the activities of national athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, Casapol said:

“President, you have reached these levels with your leadership. We have begun to enjoy the fruits of your efforts in many areas. One of the most concrete examples of this is history in Tokyo 2020. Our Paralympic national team created. The kids were proud and excited about 85 million people. He gasped with Sevillei. He shook Abdullah and the racket and shed tears of happiness. Each united our country with a common joy and shared feeling. 87 Paralympic athletes who sweated in Tokyo 2020 represents 85 million fighting spirits. Our athletes too I’m with us today. Some are in this hall, others are competing to raise the crescent-shaped star flag.r Always with them. Congratulations again from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely. “

Explaining that the presidential system has accelerated cooperation between institutions, Youth Sports Minister Casapol said: “The acceleration of bureaucracy and institutional processes by the new government system allows such effective research to be organized and managed in a short period of time, like the dozens of collaborations we have achieved. We have effectively benefited from this opportunity in this excellent work. The school needs were decided by the national Ministry of Education. Science industry. Domestic production incentives were provided by the Ministry of Education Technology. We are always coordinating with the Ministry of Family and Social Services. As a ministry we designed, funded and purchased materials for youth and sports, as needed. Dozens of branches for various groups of people with disabilities. We have prepared sporting goods to cover the work. There are powerful adjustments to this task.‘He evaluated.

Minister Casapol said the prepared materials would reach the school, but the process would not stop there, concluding his words:

“At the same time, we are entering a new era in the sports infrastructure of special education schools today. Our Paralympic National Athletes will be regular customers of local schools. They are new from these schools. Inspire, guide and guide the training of champions .. They convey their experiences to our youth at school. Our coaches carry out special learning programs at school. “Together, we Discover talent and prepare for international halls, fields, courts and trucks with the latest infrastructure. Overcome obstacles with sports, enthusiasm and determination and mobilize all resources for our youth That’s because love for sports doesn’t know the obstacles. “