They ran 2365m from sea level to the summit-TRTSpor

Antalya, Turkey’s tourism center, has reaffirmed that it is also a sports tourism center, along with qualified sports organizations in recent years. The Kemer district of Antalya, which hosts many fun sports organizations, again hosted an ambitious and struggling race this weekend.

This year, the Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Runto Sky, sponsored by Corendon Airlines, was organized in collaboration with the City of Kemer, the Ministry of Youth Sports of TR, the Governor of TC Antalya, the District of TC Kemer, the City of Antalya Metropolitan, the Turkish Athletics Federation and Beydağları. Beach national park. Co-sponsors of “Corendon Airlines Tahtalı Runto Sky” are Olympos Teleferik, Kemer Barut Collection, Touristica, Züber, Viking Hotels, Shakespeare Coffee & Bistro, MEDIFIZ, Yörükoğlu, Yaşam Hospitals, Ceysu and racing corporate partners. They are; Kemer Region Promotion Foundation (KETAV), Kemer Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (KETOB), Kemer Businessmen Association (KEM0054AD).

The contest, held at four different stages of geography, the subject of the legend of Greek mythology, has evoked great admiration. Strong and ambitious athletes have pushed the boundaries of various tracks. Runners who fought themselves and their opponents jumped to the top after difficult moments. At Corendon Airlines’ Tahtalı Runto Sky, which was attended by 618 runners from 18 countries, athletes pushed the boundaries in four different stages, each of which was more challenging than the other stages. The winners of the Tahtalı Ultra Sky, Berg Sky Race, Tahtalı Run to Sky and Keme Run races, which were added for the first time this year, have been announced.

Khan Tuna first finished in a 113-kilometer-long Ultra Sky Race at the foot of Mount Tahatar, known as the mythical Olympus, under difficult geography and changing weather conditions. After fighting for 21 hours. Thus, Khan Tuna succeeded in becoming the first in the first ultra-skyrunning race he participated in in his career.

Alexandre Storkoff took first place in the 65 km long, 4300 m high BergSky Race, which ran alongside the unique views and nature of the legendary subject of Mount Tartal.
Zülfü Karabulut was the first person to see the finish line in a 27km Run to Sky race that started on the Çıralı coast, one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and completed at a peak of 2365 meters. High Tahtalı mountain. At the same time, there was no track record in the women’s sector. Russian athlete Ekaterina Lhazanova was able to complete the 27-kilometer course in less than four hours.

For the first time this year, Keme Run will increase the total distance by 12 kilometers and the altitude by 400 meters. Mustafa Çınar and Hülya Kıvrak have made history as the first winners of the Keme Run stage. This gave us the opportunity to learn about Kemer’s unique nature, history and deep-rooted culture.

The top three general categories of men and women in the four races were:

Ultra Sky (113 K) Men’s Top 3

1. Khan Tuna – 21:42:22 (21 hours 42 minutes 22 seconds)
2. Erkan Yıldız – 25:31:39 (25 hours 31 seconds 39 minutes)
3. Othmango Gebakan – 26:07:28 (26 hours 7 minutes 28 seconds)

Ultra Sky (113 K) Women’s 1st place

1.–Irina Masanova 21:55:28 (21 hours 55 minutes 28 seconds)

Berg Sky Race (65 K) Top 3 Men

1. Alexander Storkhu – 09:56:46 (9 hours 56 minutes 46 seconds)
2. Stanislav Frenkel – 09:58:43 (9 hours 58 minutes 43 seconds)
3. Hikumet Karakaya – 10:26:30 (10 hours 26 minutes 30 seconds)

Berg Sky Race (65 K) Women’s 1st place
1. Hacer Uslu – 13.38.58 (13 hours 38 minutes 58 seconds)

Tahtalı Runto Sky (27 K) Men’s Top 3

1. Zülfü Karabulut – 03:41:47 (3 hours 41 minutes 47 seconds)
2. Samet Uysal – 04:08:25 (4 hours 8 minutes 25 seconds)
3. Free Trigger – 04:12:46 (4 hours 12 minutes 46 seconds)

Tahtalı Runto Sky (27 K) Women Top 3

1. Ekaterina Lhazanova – 03:52:56 (3 hours 52 minutes 56 seconds)
2. Nuray Bulut – – 04:43:16 (4 hours 43 minutes 16 seconds)
3. Alisa Prokhorova – 04:59:36 (4 hours 59 minutes 36 seconds)

KemeRun (12 K) Men’s Top 3

1. Musta Facinar – 00:59:16 (59 minutes 16 seconds)
2. Hasan Akdogan – 01:00:01 (1 hour 1 second)
3.AykutKırsay– 01:01:36 (1 hour 1 minute 36 seconds)

KemeRun (12 K) Top 3 Women

1. Hülya Kıvrak – 01:14:52 (1 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds)
2. Cevriye Akkurt – 01:20:52 (1 hour 20 minutes 52 seconds)
3. Cemile Aksu Algan – 01:27:01 (1 hour 27 minutes 1 second)

Award ceremony

Tatari Ultra Sky (113K)

Governor of Kemel Yücel Gemici awarded the general classification and awards to 40-year-old athletes.

Berg Sky Race (65K)

Kemer Mayor Necati Topaloğlu awarded the general classification and awards to athletes in the 40-year-old age group, while men aged 40 and 50 and over were awarded by Antalya Youth and Sports Branch Manager 0054zzet Tekeli.

Tahtali Run to Sky (27K)

The General Classification Award was presented by Kemel Youth and Sports District Manager Mustafa Ozkainak, while the award for athletes under the age of 40 was presented by Kemel City Cultural Director Mehmet Deliya Beitekin. The award for the age group over 40 was presented by KETA V Vice President Ayhan Çakıcı. KETO B Vice President Şinasi Gürocak presented the award to the age group over 50.

KemeRun (12K)

The General Classification Award was presented by the Chairman of the Board of Corendon Airlines Yıldıray Karaer, but the award is a group of athletes under the age of 40, Haydar Gümrükçü, General Manager of Olympos Teleferik, and Fevzi Owls on behalf of Ceysu. Race Director Polar Dede has awarded the +50 age group award.