They made Nuray Demir’s life a dungeon! 15 rapes, 17 murders

Nur Cevik, the aunt of Nuray Demir (17), who was found dead in a hotel room in Antalya, claimed that her nephew was threatened by her ex-fiancé Taner Bektaş. “His fiancé is trying to take Nurei from the front of the cinema. Her friend is also witnessing this situation. She forces Nurei to the hotel and talks. , The corpse of Nurei was found. ” Said. In his statement, the arrested murder suspect Tanner Bektashi said: “I suffocated when I said you couldn’t get in the way.” Said.

On January 18, 2020, she claimed to have been sexually abused by her mother’s cousin, Birol K., and Nuray Demir went to the police station with her aunt and filed a complaint. Demir married three times in his complaint, and his relative Birol K., who had three children and two grandchildren, took him to the woods of the Varsak area for sexual abuse. Insisted. Post-incident health examinations showed signs of sexual abuse. Virol K, who was detained at his home the day after the complaint and did not accept the charges, was arrested. After hearing in the 7th Higher Criminal Court in Antalya, Birol K. was released on condition of judicial control.

Hotel employee died

Nuray Demir’s relatives, who could not contact her while the trial was in progress, reported that she was missing. At around 15:30 yesterday, police officers who entered the hotel room in Tahar Pazarimahalesia Adnan Menderes Boulevard in the Muratpasha district and cleaned it, noticed that Nureidemir was still naked. Management by the medical team, who was notified and sent to the scene, determined that Nuray Demir had died. Determining that Demir had a rash on his neck, police also focused on the possibility that he was strangled and killed. Demir’s corpse was taken to the morgue for autopsy, Taner Bektaş, the former fiancée of the murder suspect, was arrested.

“The meaning of my life is over”

After the incident, his mother, Fatmana Gul, and his relatives experienced great sorrow. In her tears, Fatmana Gul said, “I swear, I miss you. I need to kiss and hug you right now. I have a vision.” I said to him, “He wakes up when he sees me,” they said, “He does not wake up.” God has given me patience. Big zero, I deleted everything. “

Nuray Demir’s aunt Nur Çevik also said he went to the police station as soon as his nephew’s voice disappeared and reported that he was missing. “A friend of Nurey she went out said her fiancé Tanel Bektashi threatened my nephew. I also told the police about this. He forced him to grab Nurey with his arm. I took him to the hotel. “ He said.

He said, “You either wear a ring or I kill you.”

Nur Çevik said, noting that Nuray left home to go to the movies with her girlfriend, “Later, her fiancé Taner Bektaş called Nuray and finally said she wanted to talk to Nuray again. Her fiancé tries to take Nuray from the front of the cinema. Her friend Also witnessing this situation. Her fiancé is threatening Nuray. “You wear it or I kill you.” Said.

Çevik said Nuray broke up with her fiancé, Taner Bektaş. “His fiancé was a very jealous man. He broke his engagement. His fiancé, Tanel Bektashi, wanted to make peace by coming here. Nurey wanted it too. I wasn’t there. “ He said.

“NURAY, I can’t protect you”

Nuray Demir’s body was taken from the morgue yesterday morning for burial. Her aunt Null Sevic, who began to receive her body, hugged Byram Sevic and knelt in tears. Chebik, who was able to stand with the support of his relatives at the funeral, “Nurei, I couldn’t protect you. I couldn’t escape from that sneaky thing.” Said.

Nuray Demir’s funeral in Konya He was taken to the Değirmenaltı district in the Hüyük district. Nuray Demir was buried in a nearby graveyard after prayer.

On the other hand, a lifeless body examination of Demir found that he had mild bleeding on his face, a bruise on his neck, and the exact cause of death was identified after autopsy.

Killer’s Statement: I stroked when he said you couldn’t meet

Police have begun work to capture Tanel Bektashi, who was determined to have fled after the incident. Bektashi, captured and detained in Yalova, was taken to Antalya yesterday morning. Bektaş, who was transferred to court after proceedings at the police station, was arrested in a criminal trial of peace on duty.

In his statement, Bektashi stated that he had previously been married and divorced, “I broke up because my ex-wife deceived me. Then I got engaged to Nurei. At the hotel on the day of the incident, Nurei told me,” I haven’t married you yet. You can’t get married. Disturb me until you get married, I do what I want to do with anyone I want. It’s not your job, I do what I want to do, “we insisted. Reportedly.

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