They literally attacked!Russians changed the route to Turkey


Acting as an arbitrator to thwart the war between Russia and Ukraine, Turkey has emerged as a safe haven for investment. Russian buyers change their route to Turkey, but they are active in many sectors.


The Ukrainian attack launched by Russia on February 23 has plunged the country into economic turmoil. Since February 22, 2,778 new sanctions have been imposed, most of which have been sanctioned by Russia, surpassing Iran by a total of 5,530, making it the most sanctioned country in the world. Many financial products, from the use of credits to remittances, are no longer available.

The statement that global brands operating in Russia have stopped working one by one and withdrew from the market turned to this market. More than 100 global giants, including fashion brands such as H & M, Burberry, Chanel, Estee Laud, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Saint Laurent, have stopped trading with each country.

This picture, with Russia’s participation, also raises economic interest in Turkey, which plays a leading role in peace talks. An ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Tourism, energy, food, exports and real estate have also made it possible to change routes to Turkey. In addition, due to the sanctions of a significant portion of Russian banks, Russians turned to Turkish banks.

New trade gateway
The withdrawal of most of the world’s brands from the country has begun to open the door to different trade between Turkey and Russia. Especially in retail, food and electronic products, Russian buyers have begun to look for ways to procure these brands from Turkey. It was also revealed that Russian businessmen are working with Turkish suppliers to procure textiles and durable consumer goods from the country.

Again, Russian tourists arriving in Turkey have begun transporting goods to their country via Turkey, both through luggage trade and other supply channels. Retailers issuing statements say that in the long run, the doors to very different transactions are open.


Assault on real estate
Russian high-income group citizens who have been embargoed by Europe have chosen Turkey as a safe haven after closed rooms. Russians who met with agents to invest in luxury and branded housing projects in Antalya and Istanbul were lined up to turn their savings into Turkish real estate once the remittance problem was resolved.

According to information from agency members of the Real Estate Overseas Promotion Association (G0054GDER), not only Russians but also Ukrainian investors are trying to send money under the pillow to Turkey by buying real estate for citizenship and investment purposes. is. The agency said, “Plan B for a safe life is now Turkey. Our country, where high-income investors are enthusiastic about real estate, will face an influx of middle-income earners after the war. If the remittance problem is resolved, The market can double. “

The plane ticket flew

There is heavy air traffic from Russia to Turkey. The price of a flight to Turkey has risen to $ 3,000. The fact that Russian airspace open to the world is over Turkey has been shown as the main reason for the rise in ticket prices.

“Serious demands are coming”
Gider President Omer Falk Akbar said, “We hope that this unfortunate process will end as soon as possible. In recent days, we have discovered that there is a serious demand from member companies from both countries to Turkey. “There aren’t many options left. Good relations with Ukraine will have a positive impact on their direction towards Turkey,” he said. Stated.

Noting that national investors are expected to turn to Istanbul, especially as a result of isolation to Russia, GIGDER’s Vice President Byram Texe said that Russian intellectuals, elites and wealthy people are now in Istanbul. Said to be in.