They introduced themselves as police!Seema Demir’s lifeless body found, bloody details

There was a new development about the lost lovers Sheima Demir and Hasan Iduan in Kırşehir. The corpse of 18-year-old Demir was found. When Demir was found, his hands were cuffed and his feet were determined to be tied with a rope. After being shot in his neck with a pistol, it was determined that Sheima had been thrown into the river. Meanwhile, two people who became police officers and claimed to have killed Demir and Iduan have been arrested, and the search for Demir’s missing lover, Hasan Iduan, continues.

They lost

Şeyma Demir, who is said to be a girlfriend with Hasan Aydoğan, disappeared in the car around 16:00 on March 25th. The family, unable to contact her children, reported the situation to the police team. A team from the State Police Department’s Public Security Bureau, which took action, was notified of an abandoned car in the woods of the Ağbayır area in the Bağbaşı district. Upon inspection, the car was determined to belong to Hasan Iduan. A police search found a coat and bag containing the couple’s cell phone, Sheima Demir’s belongings, in the car.

The body of Sheima Demir found on the Kizılımac coast

The team continued to work and found the body of Sheima Demir yesterday morning on the banks of the Kizılımac River near the village of Coltor in the central district. Demir’s body was taken to the morgue of the Ahievran Training and Research Hospital for autopsy. The team searched for Kizılımak with a drone. Meanwhile, Sami A. and Şefik E. Was detained for the case. Cross-examination of the suspect at the State Military Police Command continues.

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His hands are clamped and his feet are trimmed with rope

Details about Demir’s death have been revealed. When Demir, a freshman in the Department of Elderly Care at the University of Ahievlan Occupational Health Services College, was discovered, it was determined that his hands were covered with cuffs and his feet were roped. After being shot in his neck with his pistol, it was determined that Sheima had been thrown into the river. Sheima, whose father was a breeder, was found to have lived in the city center with his grandmother.

The search for Hasan Iduan, who disappeared with Sheima, continues. Iduan recently came from the military and was said to have worked as a worker in a factory. Şeyma Demir and Hasan Aydoğan were said to have been dating for two years. Sheima Demir, who died in the incident, will be buried in the village of Axauur after the autopsy procedure is completed.

They introduce their own sellers as police and get into their car

Meanwhile, Sami A. and Shefik E., who were detained in connection with the death of the Sami Demir and the disappearance of Hasan Iduan, were found to have worked as security guards in the city of Kirsehir. The suspect was found to have introduced himself as police to Hasan Aydoğan and Şeyma Demir, who were in a car in the Ağbayır area of ​​Bağbaşı Mahallesi, and then boarded his car and moved to the central Kortulu village. Area. It was then determined that Sheima Demir and Hasan Iduan were shot dead with a pistol and thrown into the Kizılımac River. Police and gendarmerie, which began operations after the family lost the application, were found to have contacted the suspect after a security camera image of the car appeared. The suspect confessed to the murder during a cross-examination at the police station.

“We haven’t found our body yet.”

Sedat Aydoğan, the father of the disappeared Hasan Aydoğan, said there was unfounded news about his son’s funeral, saying, “Don’t deal with fake news while we’re dealing with pain.”

Lost-beloved-love-dead-found-hasani-search-works-surürü-2-_4964_dhaphoto6 (1)

Hasan Aydoğan’s uncle Ceylan Toklucu said, “We haven’t found our body yet. We reached the girl’s body in the afternoon, but still couldn’t reach the son’s body. There is hard work here. . Leave us alone in pain. Don’t give false news. “

They are arrested

Şeyma Demir (18) and guards Sami Aydoğan and Şefik Ekici detained for killing the missing Hasan Aydoğan were completed. The two suspects introduced to the court were arrested by the court they were brought to.

Source: DHA

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