They became champions in uniforms instead of wedding dresses-sports

The women’s soccer team that did not lose the match in the TFF 3rd Division N Group became the champion. The soccer team will participate in the 2nd League Promotion Match from May 19th to 22nd.

The women’s soccer team, founded in 2016 under the leadership of Governor Ari, has made a name for itself in its success in preventing girls from getting married and raising public awareness in this context. Founded under the Family Social Policy Youth and Sports Club, the 14-21 year old athlete is also Owl’s first women’s soccer team. The undefeated champion team of the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) 3rd League N Group will face Rizeyesir Saispore in a promotional match on May 19th. If the Ağrı Family and SocialPolicies Youth and Sports Club Women’s Football Team wins this match, they will face the winner of the May 22 Panayır Spor-Bornova Hitachi Spor match.

“They believe in the second league.”

MehmetŞafi Erim, Director of the Ministry of Family and Social Welfare, visited a team that is preparing in the field of the Federation of Amateur Sports Clubs. range, “In our city, which was ranked number one in early marriage in Turkey in 2015, a women’s soccer team was established within the scope of the project carried out in 2016 to prevent this situation. In, our girls started football, which is recognized as a men’s sport. The result is a great football team. They represent our city in the third league of the two seasons. Our team has been the champion for the second year in a row. We were undefeated this year. Previously in the playoff battle we were unable to reach the second league, but this time. We believe we will win the playoff game and go to the second league, which is the place we deserve. In addition, our state’s early marriage rate has dropped from 17% to 9%. We have legal action. And we strive to minimize this situation in both such projects and events. At the same time, we continue to support our team by all means. “ He said.

“We look forward to the support of business people in our country.”

Team captain Hacer Tarığ (21) said he has been playing football for five years and will make every effort to reach the second league. Tarig who wants to support the team, “We play so that girls don’t get married when they are young. We want girls to decide for themselves after they reach a certain age. Our team is in every 10 games they play. I won and became a champion. Next week I will be in the second league in a playoff game. I am preparing for training. I am training regularly. When I started playing soccer, everyone was a girl. Was wondering if he could play soccer, but now everyone’s view has changed. Last year, as successful, our team was always made up of other soccer players. Most of our friends are others. This year we have formed a new team and brought new friends to football. All of our friends are in pain. Some of us are villagers and some are in the dormitory. Some people live in. I started because I was interested in football. My family also supported me. My goal now is to go to the top leagues and personally. In the future I want them to pave the way for their girls. Sport is by no means an obstacle. On the contrary, it’s the way to success. In general, we Ask businessmen in our country to support us because we are undefeated champions. I used a phrase.

“I want to tell everyone about soccer”

Aisa Tashdemir, 17, a sports high school student and one of the team’s forward players, also said her biggest goal was to be selected for the national team.

Another player, Melek Tan Riverdi, said: I have been playing soccer since the third year of junior high school. I love soccer. My first goal was to win a sports high school anyway. When I came here, I came to the women’s soccer team. My family supported me. I want to tell everyone about soccer. Don’t let anyone think I can’t do that, I can’t succeed. One can achieve whatever he wants. We are now achieving our goals one by one. I want everyone to support me. We continue to work towards our goals. “We believe we will reach the second league,” he said.