They apply to the Traditional Sports Club to become ‘Toscopalan’ – TRT Spor


Esra Soy, the Club’s Traditional Turkish Archery Coach, Zeynep Arslan, Equestrian Athlete Gift, and Eser Beşbudak, Equestrian Trainer, appreciated their work with the AA Correspondent.

Esra Soy said there is a growing interest in both modern and traditional archery in Turkey.

Soi said the facility has provided traditional and modern archery training for four years and has coached professional athletes, saying, “After Mete Gazos became champion at the Tokyo Olympics, interest in archery grew. We want to be Tuscopalan.. he said.

Soy said they participated in modern and traditional archery races, saying, “Our kids thought these sports were just TV series. We are keeping our cultural heritage alive by doing traditional archery.We also participate in competitions.It is a place where traditional archery culture and modern races merge, and we look forward to the future. I’m trying to pass it on to the next generation.” used a phrase.

Recalling that he will also be competing in the 4th World Nomad Games in Bursa, Soi said: .” issued a statement.


– Athrun: “My goal is to race 120 km”

Equestrian Athlete Gift Zeynep Arslan also said he has been involved in the sport for two years and said: “I love horses. I will be in grade 11 now. I chose traditional sports and riding. This facility was interested in horseback riding, I came to the facility at 6 am because I have endurance, we will go out to the fields, I am more interested in horseback riding in the fields, he said.

Expressing his great interest in horseback riding and arrow shooting, Gift Zeynep said, “I am preparing for a race in Istanbul this month. Ride 15-20 on the 2nd. “The sport is very popular and on the rise. There is a great demand for our facility. The Ministry’s support is also very good.” rice field.

Gift Zeynep said he attended the endurance races in Isparta and Ankara with great pleasure. In terms of future endurance, my goal is for him to race 120km. This is about 8 hours of riding. It means horse riding. We aim to be champions first in the races in Turkey and then in the races in the Balkans. ” used the phrase.

– Besbudak: “I won the Turkish champion in the equestrian endurance race”

Equestrian trainer Ethel Beshubdak said: He trains all individuals over the age of 9. There is no age limit. He said.

Besbudak said they are preparing athletes for equestrian endurance races, saying, “Our number of sanctioned athletes is about 35-40. 40km in Afyonkarahisar, Isparta, 20 After finishing 3rd, 1st and 2nd in the kilometer, we will be competing in the 40km endurance race in Istanbul in August.The six athletes are still preparing,” he said.

“Equestrianism is one of the sports that men and women can do together and there is no age limit,” Besbudak said.

Besbudak added that Turkey’s equestrian endurance race could host 120 km after 40 km.