“These outcomes are the result of planned work.”-TRTSpor

Minister Kasapoğlu evaluated successive achievements in international organizations.

Congratulating the athlete, Casa Paul said: Success in sports, as in all areas. ” He said.

“When a country develops and makes progress in all areas of sport, technology, art, science, industry, life, youth is the driving force.” Kasapoğlu listed the achievements of sport:

“Our national boxers who have made history by winning five gold medals and two bronze medals at the World Women’s Boxing Championship have become world champions as a team. They have a total of 19 medals and 9 gold. , Completed the European Championship with five medals. Silver and five bronze. Two gold medals at the Youth European Championship and the rowers Taekondo and Paratekondo returning from Italy. National Team … Etimesgut Belediyespor, who defeated Wisla Krakow in the Amputee Football Champions League, has won the championship trophy, making our country the second Euroleague champion. Our athletes are in the world’s largest school sports championship. At one Gymnasiade, he won 25 gold medals, 25 silver medals and 42 bronze medals. He had a historic success with a total of 92 medals. All these successes are ours. It shows how the country is on the right track in terms of sports and gives us hope for the future. “

Minister Casapol emphasized that recent successes have once again shown to the world the strength, moral and gentleness of Turkish athletes and young people, “We are proud of these young people. I will. ” He said.

“These achievements are the result of planned work.” In his assessment, “Turkey, under the leadership of the President, has been” a facility “in the personality of athletes and sports enthusiasts over the last two decades. It caused a “revolution”. Today, wherever you go, you can see our honor facilities at many branches, from basketball to soccer, tennis, swimming, archery, gymnastics and winter sports. We are committed to spreading sports to the grassroots at boutique sports facilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was built not only in sports facilities but also in the neighborhood. ” I used a phrase.

Minister Kasapoğlu points out that the number of licensed athletes is approaching 12 million, which exceeds the population of 45 European countries, saying:

“We are discussing great potential with its ministries, federations, institutions, trainers and athletes’ families. Thank God. Under the leadership of the President, write stories today as well as today. We were able to create the infrastructure. Sports tomorrow. Thanks to our plans, we are confident that these successes will continue in the medium to long term. Our goal is sports in all areas. To achieve sustainable success in. “

Minister Casapol said the outcomes of women-oriented sports policies should not be ignored: “These successes prove the importance of women-based sports policies that we have always advocated. Girls in every corner of Anatolia in particular. We will not stop making great efforts to lead them to sports, “he said.