There was something missing at the table where the six leaders met …

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Last night, the leaders of the three parties that make up the National Alliance and the other three opposition parties that are believed to act together reunited. The statement released after the five-hour parley expressed the determination of the six parties to meet together.

At least at this stage, the People’s Union’s purpose of dissolving the National Alliance by changing the electoral system does not seem to work. The leaders of the six opposition parties are in the text they published, “Strengthened parliamentary system” Once again strongly confirmed that they work for

That was right for them and for the country.

The enormous problems Turkey has faced in recent years are due to the new system adopted a few years ago. The new system itself is realized with the promise of easier and faster resolution of the problem, creating new problems in addition to the previous ones.

In democracy, in such an environment, missions fall in the opposite direction. From the text of the memorandum issued on behalf of the six parties, it can be seen that the main constituents of the opposition are aware of this fact.

Their job is not easy. On the contrary, it is very difficult.

The country’s environment is demanding change. Basic issues such as economics, foreign policy and social reconciliation are directly related to mismanagement. We can use public resources wisely before our money turns into money, we can prevent people from disturbing our lives, and we are right without having bilateral and multiple relationships flowed back and forth. I was able to establish a place. Indignation of the masses by separation.

Everything the government did in these areas was wrong.

Today, all basic issues can only be presented as positive in makeup. We are financially weakened both personally and nationally. The separatist approach makes democracy controversial and gives Turkey a credible image. Foreign policy in countries with weak economies and isolated societies must also be adventurous. It is certainly so.

In such situations, the opposite is inevitable.

The reality observed there is this: the opposition has not yet convinced the public that it can produce a solution to the problem.

Polls show that flights from power are not heading for the opposition class, and flights to it remain limited.

It is clear that the AK Party and its junior partner, MHP, failed to protect the votes they received in the last election.But in itself “Indecisiveness” Also “do not know” There is still a large audience defining it as follows: The mass was separated from the government, but could not find a place in the opposition rank. It is also possible to vote for one of the opposition parties and give the AK party another chance.

There is no move worth mentioning in the CHP vote.

You can see that the IYI party’s vote has reached saturation. No matter how hard you try, votes ready to get out of the AK party are hesitant to go there …

Expected votes from the two newly formed parties and the Felicity Party show that these three parties did not achieve the expected success of becoming the new address for conservative voters.

There is an unnamed issue on the opposition front, or something is missing from the table of the six leaders.

Enriching the table is to help voters looking from a distance, especially conservative voters. “Oh, I’ve done it now” They need to find a way to get them to say it.

Opposition seems to be aiming for success with government mistakes rather than making them attractive to voters. The economy will go bankrupt, diplomacy will reach an intolerable dimension, society will challenge separation, and opponents will use them to win elections.

Your dreams may come true, but what if they don’t? What if the voters again make a decision in favor of the ruling party?

You don’t need a guide to the visible village. In order for the statements issued after the opposition front meeting to affect the target audience, it is necessary to strengthen the table in which they are together.

I don’t know if it’s a newcomer or a famous politician. But I’m convinced that what I’m missing is someone whose existence can raise awareness.

Did the six leaders who spent five hours around the table last night notice the shortcomings I saw?

I hope they have arrived.

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