“There is no doubt about giving it to Ukraine.”

Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabshuol will hold a high-level bilateral meeting in Doha and attend the Doha Forum in Qatar.

Chavshol is the former Ambassador of the Munich Security Conference Foundation, Wolfgang Issinger, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdullahman al-Tani, and Marcelo Ebrald, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico. I met with former US Secretary of State John Kelly. Special envoy in charge of climate change issues.

“I received the S-400 and the contract was completed.”

In an interview in Doha, Chabshuol said: “There is no doubt about handing over the S-400 to Ukraine.” Said.

“We have now received the S-400 and the transaction is complete,” said the Foreign Minister. “I heard a very interesting scenario about it. I think there was such a leak from the United States, but such a situation would never be on our agenda.” I made a statement.

“Will Russian oligarchs come to Turkey?” Chab Shuol also answered the question “Turkey allows everything that is legal.” Said.

“Must be Balance Policy”

The highlights of Minister Chabshuol’s statement are:

“We are mediators and must be fair at this point. It is not correct to comment. Our job is to help both sides solve this problem. Ultimately, Zelensky Putin decides. We want to take them. Together.

Ukraine understands that it did not become a NATO member, and it will not. Many members oppose membership in Ukraine and Georgia. Ukraine clearly understood this. Ukraine does not have the opportunity to choose between Western and Russian. Balance policy is required. We are also a NATO member country. We are working with Russia on many difficult issues. Ukraine should also follow a more balanced policy.

The current situation affects all of us. We have a good relationship with both. Signed a free trade agreement with Ukraine. There are two partner countries here. This situation affects us, not just us. We have to find a solution as soon as possible. “

S-400 contract

“The S-400 has already arrived in Turkey. Someone said that the S-400 should be handed over to Ukraine. That’s out of the question. Does Turkey need more air defense systems? Of course it is. It’s from our allies, what else is there? ”We look at resources. Now we can generate over 70% of our needs. We also have an air defense system.

“When we see it in this context, we are still working on other alternatives. Our president met his French and Italian counterparts. Now these two countries are Turkey We are a little more serious about co-production in or selling their air defense systems. “

“We value all options in front of us. But our first choice is always our ally. Our country is a sovereign country and serves our needs. Must be. Our top priority is Europe, but what if these aren’t for sale after all we? “

“Boris Johnson called our president. We can buy all the needs from them, but this is not the case in the United States and other European countries. They are our urgent. What should we do to wait to be convinced of our needs? “

Immigration issues, yachts in Oligark

“I said before this crisis happened. The refugee crisis will continue. The number of people leaving their country will increase.

You just said refugee, now you say oligarch and prevent me from answering. We allow all legitimate activities in our country and prevent all illegal activities.

My answer is very simple. We do not participate in European sanctions. If Russians come to Turkey as tourists, it’s okay. If Ukrainians come, there is no problem again. As long as they legally come to Turkey, there is no problem. “

The situation in Crimea and Donbus

“The problem needs to be cooked a little more. There is a settlement, but both sides need to elaborate. Donbus and Crimea are very delicate issues. Negotiations continue at the same time as the war continues. An agreement is reached. If you do, you will create a more positive environment. “

How does Turkey see the situation in NATO?

“Turkey is in the top eight contributing to the NATO budget. Turkey is a solid NATO ally.”

“There are disagreements among NATO member countries. There are always disagreements about the joint declaration and the response to Russia. However, Turkey is a solid NATO ally and will continue to contribute. NATO It has contributed to more than 90% of member countries. “

“Now we have seen more unity in general. President Biden also said this. At the summit meeting held, we saw this solidarity with our eyes.”