There are guns and guns purchased from Russia.As the situation shows, it’s too early to speak now

President and Chairman of AKP Legep Typ Erdogan And the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz We held a joint press conference. Regarding the Russia-Ukraine War, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “We will continue our efforts to establish a permanent ceasefire without hesitation.” When using an expression. Scholz called on Russian leader Vladimir Putin to “stop the war.” When asked by a Deutsche Welle reporter whether to buy weapons from Russia, Erdogan replied, “We have weapons we bought from Russia. It would be premature to talk about what the future shows. We must maintain a dialogue between Mr Zelensky and Mr Putin.” answered.

Prime Minister Erdogan said, “We must maintain friendly relations with Mr. Zelensky and Mr. Putin. Sanctions have been done as necessary by UN rules. Despite Russia, NATO member states have done so. I did what I didn’t do. I will continue to work on this point without hesitation. “

Prime Minister Erdogan said the developments in the situation in Russia and Ukraine have been remarkable: “As two NATO allies, we have identified common views and concerns, especially during the meeting, while taking the necessary steps for European security. On the other hand, we also agreed to accelerate diplomatic efforts towards a solution. We helped to make significant progress in rallying and establishing dialogue. As a result of our efforts, Russia And the Ukrainian Foreign Minister met in Antalia with the participation of my foreigners. Minister. Even holding this conference in a war-torn environment is an important success in diplomatic records. Permanent suspension. We will continue our efforts to establish the facility without hesitation. “

“It is our common interest to promote economic partnerships in the new world order.”

Prime Minister Erdogan stated at today’s meeting that he had the opportunity to assess bilateral issues and many other issues, saying, “We are experiencing the current high-level consultation mechanism with Germany. I believe it should be revived in this turbulent era. The High Level Strategy Council meeting in Germany as soon as possible.
It is in our interest. Germany is Turkey’s first export partner and second importer. Bilateral trade, which was about $ 38 billion in 2020, exceeded $ 41 billion in 2021. I also announced this number to them, I hope we are determined to increase it to $ 50 billion, “he said.

“We believe that strengthening cooperation in new areas such as renewable energy, the fight against climate change, green transformation, artificial intelligence and digitalization will help us reach this goal,” Erdogan said. increase.

“An important aspect of our relationship is the human side. This year we are particularly striving to capture the pre-fashionable figures of the tourism industry. As you know, of our tourism industry. Two active countries are one Russia and two Germany. We believe that we will continue our relationship with Germany with the same determination. A strong Turkish community of one million makes our country. We believe that it is a common wealth that brings us closer to each other. The 60th anniversary of the labor agreement between Russia and Germany was celebrated in October. This anniversary contributed to the development of Germany and became a prosperous country of multiculturalism. Celebrating the efforts of the Turkish people. Özlem Türeci and UğurŞahin have become proud of both Germany and Turkey in the fight against Covid-19. Epidemic. Congratulations again on March 14th Medical Day. There is.

“We will continue to encourage European Turks in all areas.”

Prime Minister Erdogan said he was interested in working closely with Germany on regional issues and would continue to encourage European Turks in all areas.

“The recent developments in our region prove that Turkey plays an important role in many areas, especially in security and energy. Germany’s position as one of the EU’s major nations is questionable. There is no room for it. German friends will continue to advance the relationship between Turkey and the EU. In addition to these, the Turkish and German universities in Istanbul are very much for us, especially in the field of education. It’s an important and serious starting point. We talked about this especially with the Prime Minister and suggested to them that the states and cities that their feet identify should be taken there immediately. This is already a contract. Included in the infrastructure and content of. By taking this step you will soon need to establish a Turkish-German University in Germany. It is possible. It will be of great benefit to you to fill the gap in theology. The Honorary Prime Minister will consider this matter and take action accordingly. He has also assigned two friends at the time of the Special Representative. Ibrahim Karin, who had previously worked, will continue to serve. But Chaatai ​​Bay and Ibrahim Karin do this work with Ibrahim Karin.

“The President and I agree on concerns about these attacks.”

Erdogan thanked him in German and left the floor in Scholz.

Scholz said:

“I am pleased to be in Turkey as Prime Minister. We have been together for a very long time, we have spoken. This shows that we have a good relationship and cooperation. We will be together during the war. Russia’s attack on Ukraine continues. Listen to the news of the great pain our continent has experienced. From the east. We watch the news in front of the television of both countries Citizens are worried about seeing those who died there. Their families and cities have been destroyed. The President and I agree on concerns about these attacks. We also stop the war as soon as possible. We agree to reach. We need to provide civilians with a safe corridor. Also, with every daily missile, take into account that Russia is leaving the unity of world society. Call on the Russian president, we say we’re quitting now, and there can only be a diplomatic solution. ”

Mr Scholz said the development between Ukraine and Russia was very important, “we exchanged views on the talks with the presidents of both countries. Now it is important to get results and silence the guns. Turkey Welcomes the diplomatic efforts of Ukraine. ” Allies. Then, the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine visited Turkey. “I think it’s important to meet you.”

“I also believe that I have the opportunity to attend the High Level Strategy Council in a very different way.”

After Scholz’s remarks, Erdogan said, “I think it is important for both countries to have a sincere and heartfelt evaluation of the Prime Minister. In this regard, our meeting was truly sincere. The next period, especially the high level. Strategic Council Meeting. Prior to that, of course, preliminary preparations will be made at the work of the Minister’s friends and a meeting of special representatives with their interlocutors, and we have the opportunity to go to the High Level Strategic Council. I believe there is a very different way. “

“We are currently two partners with Germany at NATO. We are two important NATO countries.”

In response to a question from media members, President Erdogan said, “You mentioned military cooperation, the Prime Minister said NATO partners should unite. Will you still buy weapons from Russia or will you participate in Western sanctions? “ He answered the question as follows:

“What does military mean to NATO cooperation? NATO cooperation is also an institution with established military solidarity. What are you doing here, from heavy weapons to planes? You are using it. We are in NATO “We are two partners with Germany and two important NATO countries. Therefore, especially in this process, this among us It is probably very important to evaluate. We evaluated what we can do together as two NATO countries, and what we can do to make up for our shortcomings as well. ”

Regarding the weapons Turkey bought from Russia, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “Of course, there are weapons I have bought so far. It is too early to talk about what the future holds now, but I need to see.” What the conditions bring and what they take “

President Erdogan said, “We must maintain friendly relations with Mr. Zelensky and Mr. Putin. But I also want to say this. Sanctions have done what is necessary within the rules of the United Nations. NATO member states do. Did not, we did in Ukraine despite Russia. What we did, we continued to support it and we sent our humanitarian assistance to Ukraine as well. , We have sent more than 50 trucks to Ukraine, and we will continue to do so. “