The worst situation in the Black Sea-TRTSpor

Leader Trabzonspor hosted Goztepe on the relegation line in the 29th week of the Sport Super League.

In the match at the Medical Park Stadium, guest Goztepe led 1-0 with Haril Akbupar in the 31st minute. Trabzonspor quickly met this goal. Nuwakaeme, who went up to the stage in the 34th minute, caught up with the tie one-on-one.

Abdülkadir Omul advanced Trabzonspor 2-1 in the 37th minute. Guest Gyoztepe brought balance to the fight against Sonel Aidodu in the 43rd minute: 2-2

The first half of the battle was completed with this score.

Trabzonspor, who started like a “storm” in the second half, took the lead again with Janiny in the 49th minute. 3-2

Abdulaziz Omur scored the fourth goal of the second team at 54: 4-2

With no other goals left, Trabzonspor left the field with a 4-2 victory.

As a result, the Burgundy Blue Team, who remained invincible in the home field and scored 70, took a bigger step towards the championship. Trabzonspor has also increased its score difference to 18 from its closest rival, Ittifak Holding Konyaspor.

In the Burgundy blue team, Abdulaziz Omul had 2 goals, Nuwakaeme had 1 goal and 1 assist, and Edin Bishza had 2 assists.

Göztepe, who appointed Stjepan Tomas on behalf of Nestor El Maestro during the week, couldn’t stop the bad course. The Izmir team, who lost six games in a row, remained on the relegation line with 27 points.

An important moment in the match …

In the 14th minute, Nuwakaeme’s shot from the right diagonal of the penalty area went from base to ode with a Cornelius pass.

In the 21st minute, Cornelius, who met the ball on a plagiarized pass by Nuwakaeme, returned to the ball, leaving leather goalkeeper Ilfan Kang Elibayat.

In the 23rd minute, in the middle of the left, in the spectators in the penalty area, Berkan Emir’s head shot from close range and goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır prevented a big danger.

In the 24th minute, Nuwakame, who met the ball behind the defense on a Bisca pass and played against Ilfan Kang Elibayat, returned from a leather round goalkeeper.

In the 27th minute, Arslanazić’s headshot was Carom in the penalty area, and Ahmet Khan Kaplan removed the danger in front of the line.

lake: In the 31st minute, Halil Akbunar, who entered the penalty area from the left side of Denswill on the pass of Belkan Emile, sent the ball to the net in a position facing goalkeeper Ugurkan. A goal was scored in a position under investigation for a VAR foul against Denswill: 0-1.

lake: Trabzonspor leveled in 34 minutes. Nuwakaeme, who met the ball in the penalty area on a Cornelius pass, headed to the net from the left of round leather goalkeeper Ilfan Kang Elibayat. 1-1.

lake: Trabzonspor took the lead in the 37th minute. Visca grabbed the ball from the central area and moved to the penalty area, leaving a round leather in front of Abdulaziz Omul. This soccer player also touched the ball and sent it to the net: 2-1.

lake: This time, the visiting team caught up with the tie in the 43rd minute. After Belkan Emile’s pass from the left side, Soner Aydoglu shot in the penalty area despite the intervention of goalkeeper Uglucan Chakul, but the ball hit the net: 2-2.

The first half of the game ended with 2-2.

lake: Trabzonspor took the lead again in the 49th minute. Djaniny, who found the ball in front of Nuwakaeme’s long pass due to an angel’s defense failure, passed goalkeeper Ilfan Kang Elibayat and sent the ball to the net. 3-2.

lake: In the 54th minute, the Burgundy blue team increased the gap to two. Abdulaziz Omur’s shot hitting the ball with a Bisca pass in the penalty area hit a round leather net: 4-2.

Nuwakaeme’s pass became active in the 76th minute, Bisca fired from the front line of the penalty area and the ball turned slightly sideways.

In the 90th minute, Djaniny fired a shot from just outside the penalty area, and goalkeeper Ilfan Kang Elibayat lay down to avoid the danger.

90 + 2. Ahmetcan Kaplan cleared the ball on Carom’s line, which formed the cake that Lourency made from the left in one minute.

Trabzonspor won 4-2.

Startes: Medical park

Referee: Ali Sansalan, Kemal Yilmaz, Yusuf Bozdogan

Trabzonspor: Uğurcan Çakır, Peres, Ahmetcan Kaplan, Denswil, Trondsen (Min 46 Yusuf Erdoğan), Berat Özdemir (Min 46 Dorukhan Toköz), Siopis, Abdülkadir Ömür (Min 75 Bakasetas), Visca, Nwakaeme

Goztepe: וrfan Can Eğribayat, Kerim Alici, Arslanagic, Angel, Berkan Emir, Obinna, Aytaç Kara (Min .64 Tijanic), Soner Aydoğdu (Min .78 Yalçın Kayan), Halil Akbunar (Min .89 Lourency), Ndiaye, Di Santo. .78 Yahovic)

Goal: Minimum 31 Haril Akbunal, minutes. 43 Soner Aydoglu (Goztepe), Min 34 Nuwakame, Min. 37 and 54 Abdulaziz Omur, Min. 48 Djaniny (Trabzonspor)

yellow card: Minutes. 33 Uglucan Chakul, Min. 45 Nuwakaeme (Trabzonspor) minutes 33 Aytaç Kara, Min. 83 Berkan Emir, Min. 87 Halil Akbunar (Goztepe)