The world is looking for an answer to this question! Rumors of illness and coups are rising: who will replace Putin?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has been in office for many years, has driven the world to the brink of irreversible abyss with his war decision. Everyone’s goal is a common name while the devastating reality of war unites the whole world against Russia …

Russian leaders who claimed that the aggression operation he started in Ukraine was his “personal crusade” elicit the reaction of not only the world but also those who he dragged to unknown purposes. What happens after Putin, who has undergone many transformations in Russia during 22 years of reign, and waiting for the country is now the number one agenda item in Russia.

Russia, which had been integrated into the global economic system, suddenly left the system and is looking at ways to adjust prices for important products such as medicines, basic foods and baby food. Putin’s hard-turning military mechanical system is now almost ineffective.

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Putin is the only name in the world’s target!

On the 17th day of the war, Putin left his position on February 24, when the invasion began. Russian leaders who wanted the whole of Ukraine in the first few days and insisted on purifying the country from Nazism should be aware of the Crimea and Donbas regions by Ukraine, and the question is settled here. I am now convinced that it should be. But in the meantime, the violence of the attack has grown, and he wants to strengthen his hand and take over more cities to sit at the negotiating table.

So can he do this? And best of all, is he still sitting in his chair when all this happens?

Rumors of illness

With a system like Putin, changing power is not easy. Thus, those who want to eliminate Putin put their hopes on the law of “death.”

Rumors are becoming more diverse. A long table on which world leaders sit, Brazilian leader Bolsonaro has to take five tests to shake hands, a Russian leader suffers from a disease that weakens immunity and puts him at risk. It suggests that it may be.

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Video to shake hands “Is it Parkinson’s disease?” Ask him a question, a swollen image of his face is seen as evidence that he is using cortisone medicine.

The world is looking for an answer to this question There are growing rumors of illness and coups: who will replace Putin?

Putin’s photo in 2014 … Russian leaders are said to be ill

Now you are the leader who shook the world with his harsh attitude in the past. “Old and moody”Moreover, it’s amazing that he hurriedly behaves like a man.

Can Putin be removed?

No one thinks Putin will voluntarily leave his post and power. Putin finds this increasingly difficult with the system he created by taking a playful attitude about choosing President Putin and his successor to take over the role of “national father.” increase. And she’s having a hard time trusting this new person who is putting herself in.Putin himself “The man who changed history” It’s clear that he’s trying to get paid, in which case he can only leave posts in very high places.

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According to Article 93 of the Constitution, Putin can be dismissed. Theoretically, this clause is a law that could expel the head of state for a serious crime. However, to achieve this, Congress must make a majority decision. In addition, the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Court must uphold this decision. However, all of these institutions are controlled by Putin, and even if Putin’s dismissal was his idea, this cannot escape the Kremlin’s attention.

There are two institutions in the country that monitor all elites and politicians. The Federal Security Service (FSB) and the more secretive Federal Protective Service (FSO). Each morning, staff at these agencies provide Putin with security reports and information obtained through espionage, as well as what is happening in the country.

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Risk of assassination

The danger of assassination comes before us as it may be widely spoken in the West. However, this is very unlikely for Putin, who is protected by a very complex security protocol. All settlements in which he stays are monitored by land and air. If he goes somewhere by car, a special bomb squad will move with him and even people like the emperor to taste food in front of him.

The last emperor of Russia, II. Nicholas was killed by the Bolsheviks only after his family was captured with him. Security forces around Putin are there so that they cannot repeat what happened 140 years ago.

The world is looking for an answer to this question There are growing rumors of illness and coups: who will replace Putin?

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When this possibility is shelved, another option that comes to mind is a coup. Rumors that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu may be planning a coup have already begun to be heard behind the scenes. Experts do not consider the possibility of a coup to be unreasonable, assessing the possibility that a coup for Putin will come from the closest and most credible institution.

Is it a coup?

On the other hand, even top military personnel have been observed by the FSB. In addition, Putin has a special guard that can be described as an “army in the army” with its own ammunition and equipment. The head of the union, Victor Zorotov, is said to be one of Putin’s most loyal figures.

The FSO’s 5,500 officers were selected on the basis of their dedication and special abilities. He feels safe under all this protection, but to be precise this sensitivity can end it all. Putin’s careful selection and this protective force’s ability can counter him when the wind changes and creates dangerous situations.

Mikhail Mishustin

If Putin does not lose his life or be overthrown by a coup, our previous options could be passed on to another strong focus or someone acting on his behalf.

The Russian Constitution stipulates that the incumbent Prime Minister will take over power before the election. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was the person who became Prime Minister when he was the Director of the Federal Tax Bureau. Mikhail Mishustin, who has been in office since January 2020, has become a modest leader behind the coronavirus epidemic. On the other hand, unlike his predecessor, Prime Minister Medvedev, Mikhail Mishustin had a determined and harsh appearance.

The world is looking for an answer to this question There are growing rumors of illness and coups: who will replace Putin?

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin has been recognized as a measured, serious and determined leader

Mishustin, who is also interested in private life, plays ice hockey, plays the piano, and composes. As a technocrat, the 56-year-old Prime Minister may be a good choice for President Putin. However, it is true that during his tenure he did not make friends that would bring power and fame.

Another prominent name like Mikhail Mishustin Beloved and respected Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobianin.. On the other hand, these two candidates with strong control can only make a difference if someone “opens the door”.


Shoigu, on the other hand, seems to be able to open the door. The Secretary of Defense has no military background. Shoigu, who became Minister of Emergency at the end of the 90’s, managed to handle what could have been a career death for many. During this mission, he rolls up his sleeves and runs everywhere. From comforting the victim’s family to rubbing rubble with his hands and pulling out the injured, his efforts made him a folk hero.

The robbers have transformed the originally dysfunctional Ministry of Emergency Situations into one of Russia’s most efficient, reliable and honest government agencies.

The world is looking for an answer to this question There are growing rumors of illness and coups: who will replace Putin?

Putin’s right arm is a folk hero Shoigu

Following this success, Shoigu was appointed in 2012 as a more troubled, divided and dissatisfied defense minister. Again, Shoigu promoted reforms and succeeded in winning the loyalty of both soldiers and generals. Not only was he the only person to invade Putin’s inner circle without a long process of friendship, he was able to stand at the top of the carnivorous world of Russian politics without bloodshed. At this point, Shoigu stands in front of us as a candidate who can use his power to defeat Putin and use his political skills to reassure the rest of the elite.

Despite his current role in the Ukrainian War, Shoigu, who appears to be a practical nationalist, is the only person from Putin’s intimate circle who did not support the annexation of Crimea in 2014. It has been talked about for a long time. Therefore, 66-year-old Shoigu could be a transitional figure who wipes out the worst petitism and sets the stage for the next generation of leaders.


This option could also include Medvedev, the only modern Russian politician who is, in theory, both the prime minister and the president. Known as Putin’s leader from 2008 to 2012, Medvejev was the only president, and Putin ran the country as prime minister.

The 56-year-old Medvejev, who recently held an honorary but essentially meaningless position as Vice-Chair of the Security Council, took an extreme position in everything from the death penalty to the confiscation of corporate assets and became a hawk. I got it back. He leaves Russia.

The world is looking for an answer to this question There are growing rumors of illness and coups: who will replace Putin?

Became both Prime Minister and President: Is Medvejev a good choice?

In 2016, Medvedev has been the subject of domestic ridicule since opposition leader Alexei Nawarni’s followers revealed that Medvedev’s “summer house” was actually a magnificent 18th-century palace. increase. Therefore, Medvedev may be reelected, but only as a vice election. If a group of powerful people wants a frontman who doesn’t have to be afraid, Medvejev will be the right address for that person.

Anyone who comes must be a transitional person

Whatever Putin’s successor is, he must be not only the one who saved Russia from the difficult times he faces, but also the transitional figure shaped by the rising political generation.

Putin is now 69 years old, and many of his closest allies are over the same age, underneath a community that appears determined to rekindle the Cold War and waste their future in the process. there is. They are by no means Democrats and can be as strict as their seniors.

Directly targeting Putin is dangerous

The West must be careful and wise in this process. Inviting people to overthrow the Putin administration should not be recommended. Regime changes due to assassinations and covert operations have a fairly bad history. The CIA made 638 separate attempts to kill Fidel Castro in Cuba, but died of natural causes at the age of 90 after 52 years of power.

The world is looking for an answer to this question There are growing rumors of illness and coups: who will replace Putin?

The name of the beloved and respected Mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobianin, remains in the background

Failure to target Putin directly sets a dangerous precedent and triggers retaliation. The possibility of assassination can offend Russians across the political spectrum and make it difficult to improve relations with Western nations.

Putin bet everything

In the summarized photo, both the world and the Russians seem to stick to Putin. But in war, things can change rapidly. History is not a map of the future, but it reminds us of how war can change everything. Putin bet everything in Ukraine, all bets are off so far.

* Edited from an article by Mark Galeotti in The Telegraph