The veranda talked about Kadikoy’s historic derby!Term will kill me


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Regarding a meeting with President Murat Sankak before moving to Adana Demirspor, Fatih Terim responded to him after seeing a red card that defeated Fenerbahce in Kadikoy while playing at Galatasaray. Told.

The headings for the Younes Belhanda statement regarding Vole’s Youtube account are:

“The president came to my house”

“My career at Adana Demirspor began when the president came to my house. He told me about the project. I believed it and came here. Last year was good. It was a season. I could have gone to Europe. The first season here was an injury I had never experienced in my career, but I was treated very well this summer. Of course, all the coaches may have different systems, but the coaches usually want me to be the same. .. They want me to take action, create a position like number 10 and struggle. I’m out. “

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I’m crazy about G.SARAY, why go to FIFA … “

“I spent four years in Galatasaray. I was really attached to the club. I couldn’t sit and worry for three months. When the second project came, I had Adana Demirspor. Believe and sign. Don’t get angry with Galatasaray. I had only one problem there, but that’s it. It was a personal problem. So I applied for FIFA. It was by no means money, and the move I made to show that he had no right to do it. “

“I wanted to participate in the field of championship matches”

“I couldn’t win one goal in the last game, but I wanted to win. I wanted to be on the field even if the contract expired, but the goal and the sadness of the last game were great for me.

“Fatih Terim told me to wait.”

“After the news of the dismissal came, Fatih Terim told me to wait about it and talk to the president, but I said it didn’t work, the president made a pre-decision. Thank you for everything you did. Our relationship is still going on. No matter what we do, we cannot erase what we did together. “

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“Yunus Akgan carries G.SARAY”

“Unlike last year, Yunus Akgün played many games this year, so he was very successful and communicated this success to Galatasaray. Even Real Madrid was under pressure when he came to Galatasaray. He said he was exposed .. I think they have overcome it now because Kerem and Yunus are crossing their wings. They believe they will form a good team in Galatasaray. “

“I’ve never played like No. 10 in Galatasaray.”

“Sneijder actually played as number 10 in Galatasaray, but never played like number 10. He always played in position 8. Go ahead and option for the match. Sometimes I had to create. “

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“No concentration is needed in Fenerbahce”

“You don’t have to focus on Fenerbahce. It’s a Galatasaray match. With adrenaline, you can do what you need on the field. The most memorable victory in the Derby match was the victory 20 years later. Opponent Deniz Turus also saw it. Fatih Terim was trying to kill me. I will never forget my happiness in the dressing room. “

“I went to Fenerbahce …”

“If I had been to Fenerbahce, I would have gone in the other direction.

Please answer in one word in the Q & A on the balcony.

Fatih Terim-Emperor
Louis Nicollin-Family
Olivier Giroud-The Best Striker
Fernando Muslera-Captain
Mario Balotelli-Great Talent
Murat Sancak-Man

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The veranda said Kadikoiterim's historic derby was about to kill me