The Turkish Basketball Federation breaks new ground with Sportradar-Basketball News

“Transparency registration technology” gives clubs, coaches, athletes and referees in the basketball family access to the special training content received by the most important athletes around the world.

The Turkish Basketball Federation provides training programs with basketball stakeholders in line with the principles of sport integrity, providing opportunities for all stakeholders and research and detection teams.

Hedo Turkolu, chairman of the Turkish Basketball Federation, said in a statement about the agreement: While planning the steps we have taken and will take, we have always been careful to make progress in line with these principles. With the immense contributions of the club and its stakeholders, we have achieved important achievements and projects that set an example for brave and honest management that is participatory not only in basketball but also in Turkish sports. The transparency registration technology brought to Turkish basketball in partnership with Sportradar, which serves the world’s most respected organizations, is a valuable reflection of our basketball vision and principles. We believe and trust Sportradar’s experience and cooperation in this unprecedented project in Turkish sports history. Transparency registration technology contributes to the recognition of all basketball stakeholders through regular training and organization. This will prevent teams, athletes, referees and sponsors investing in basketball from being harmed by malicious attempts. The transparency registration technology, which will be implemented with this cooperation, will not only contribute to the development of Turkish basketball, but will also be a pioneer in Turkish sports. We hope that our partnership with Sportradar will be beneficial to our community and we are pleased to work with them. ” Said.

Tom Maces, Director of Global Collaboration and Operations at Integrity Services, said of the agreement: We are very excited about this system, which will be added to Turkish basketball from this season. Within the agreement, we believe that training will be organized for all stakeholders in Turkish basketball, especially athletes and referees, and that this information-based workshop will raise awareness. Our workshop aims to raise the awareness of all stakeholders in the sport in order to contribute to the quality structure of Turkish basketball with interesting and exemplary content, guide messages and recommendations. .. I think the comprehensive “Transparency Registration Technology” service provided by the Turkish Basketball Federation is commendable for its contribution to the development of Turkish sports. We hope that our agreement will continue for many years with the excitement of working with TBF. “

About transparency registration technology:

“Transparency registration technology”, which monitors more than 800,000 games each year with more than 150 partners around the world, works with more than 70 sports departments, such as “training of sports people, bet monitoring, integrity audit”, etc. Provide service. This is a service that protects all sports branches by Sportradar, one of the largest sports companies in the world.

How Transparency Registration Technology Works

-Raise basketball viewer awareness with stats such as customized reports, analytics products and special viewing requirements.

-Regular and special training will allow basketball stakeholders such as trainers, athletes and referees to obtain certificates in their respective fields.

-Irregular and suspicious movements in the betting market are instantly detected using advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art technology.

-Matches where the bet format is considered suspicious will be reported and detailed information on this situation will be provided.

Goals of the Turkish Basketball Federation under this agreement:

-By this agreement, the Turkish Basketball Federation and all its stakeholders. By improving the quality of basketball, we plan to create a transparent, honest and reliable platform based on common development principles.

-In line with this agreement, special training aims to raise awareness of the clubs, coaches, athletes and referees that make up the basketball family.

-With this technology, we aim to keep track of the global sports ecosystem, the betting industry, one of the club’s main sources of income, without question marks and for legal reasons. ..

-We will provide special training to the clubs, coaches, athletes and referees that make up the basketball family to further raise awareness and equip them.

-Thanks to this application, a pioneering and exemplary initiative will be created for all other sports sectors in Turkey and all stakeholders in sports.

Partners around the world and examples:

-The “Transparency Registration Technology”, which has touched more than 69.000 sports people and organized training with more than 30.000 participants, has greatly contributed to the development of basketball.

-“Transparency Registration Technology” with major organizations such as NBA, FIBA, IOC, FIFA, UEFA, FIA, Nascar, Moto-GP, ITF, NHL, MLB and one of the most popular sports organizations in the world. We are cooperating.