The turbulent conference cast a shadow over the history of Altai-Altai News

As the debate over whether to release his administration with Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, who resigned from the presidency, turned into a dispute, a fist flew through the conference hall while a representative of Izmir sat on the national agenda, reflecting an ugly image. board. screen. The use of brute force at the General Assembly, which did not take place in a democratic environment, elicited the reaction of both Altai enthusiasts and all sports fans. The memorable words of the late Lidovan Brutesin, one of the unforgettable presidents, “All Altai are relatives” were remembered at the meeting, but the experience could not be attributed to Altaic culture.

After Özgür Ekmekçioğlu and his administration were released in talks, the Al-Fitr parliament, which was postponed at a later date without an election clause due to the approaching time of Iftar, will be completed after Eid al-Fitr. In clubs that have not yet found a presidential candidate, the signatory was officially handed over to the chairman of the parliamentary council, Erdinç Altınyeleklioğlu, at the end of the management mission, with three parliamentary councils, including Aybars Akoğlu, and Çağdaş Karabaş. Set the election date to be held after the holiday. The Altay community seeks to find a presidential candidate in the process.

Unable to reach an agreement with Özgür Ekmekçioğlu on what to receive from the club, וbrahim Akman gave up on becoming presidential candidate in the last moment. It was a matter of curiosity how Altai, who had a hard time finding a presidential candidate due to the heavy debt burden, would take. It was reported that Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, who resigned, did not intend to continue his duties.

ALTINY ELEKL0054 OĞLU: Events we don’t want to happen

Erdinç Altınyeleklioğlu, Chairman of the Parliamentary Council, commented on the General Assembly: We have to look ahead. “

“People who are planning to become candidates in the short term can do new research. Alternatives may arise,” said Altairekrioul, who will announce a new election day at a post-vacation meeting. We will not leave Altay unclaimed. ” .. We will find the president. This is our goal. We let this process go through in a way that suits us. “

Altai Eleklioul, one of the club’s former presidents, explained that the season is about to end, “We must act as soon as possible. The season is over, there is a new transfer case, and the club is doing a pending job. Altay is a club with a continuous 108-year history. “

Erdinç Altıny eleklioğlu said he had never seen such a big battle in parliament, saying, “I have chaired the parliamentary council many times. This was my first experience in my life.”

Security receives representations from 6 people

Izmir police have begun investigating the battle that took place at the Altai Conference. As part of the investigation, six people were taken to the police station for a statement. The six people who were issued a statement at the police station were later released. No one has been detained for the puncture wound case yet, and police have been found to be working on the issue. Chagdash Ozsh, whose leg was injured with a knife after being amputated by an unidentified person on his way to the car at the exit of Congress, was found to be healthy and discharged today.

Debt 371 million, 91 million received by EKMEKÇðOĞLU

At the extraordinary meeting of Altai, which has the highest debt burden ever, the club’s total long-term and short-term debt was announced at 371 million 74,030 TL. At the last tournament in June last year, the debt of black and white players very close to dropping out of the Super League was announced as 174 million TL. Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, who quit his job in Altay for six years and became a creditor of 91,673 thousand TL from the club, said he would donate 30 million TL of accounts receivable. Altai, which owes 164,343,000 TL to soccer players and technical teams, has 6,177,700 TL in taxes and SGK debt.

Non-transferable debt € 2 million

Özgür Ekmekçioğlu, who was unable to create reinforcements due to a transfer ban this season and continues to be banned in the summer, has resigned as president to Altay and announced that the transfer ban debt is about € 2 million. Former foreign soccer player Puzila was sentenced to preventive penalties while the incident continued, and Ekmexioul said, “According to the foresight of a lawyer’s friend, the procedure is wrong and the ban will be lifted. You can. Files, files disappear. FIFA said this was the first time we were punished this way and the procedure was wrong. He can lift 90. ” He said.

In the league release exam

Four weeks before the end of the SPORTS Toto Super League, Altai, who broke the demotion threshold by 10 points and left the chance of salvation to a miracle, will face Atakashu Hatayspor on the road tomorrow. Abdulkadir Bitigen will manage the match and will start at 20.30 at the new Hatay stadium. Rodriguez and Pinares, who were suspended from the yellow card, and Bamba, Nuretin, and Aka, who could not play in the match, will not be able to play in the Izmir team. Healed stroking will be served. Dennis, Ozgul, and Paishao and Murat, who are still injured, will not play. If Altay doesn’t win, they will be officially demoted even if their top rival Giresunspor ends the week with one point.