The torrent period lasted 5 months-TRTSpor

The yellow-red team entered the 2021-202 season under the control of Fatih Terim, who led the club’s history to success. Due to uneven performance and administrative issues, he broke up with an experienced technician.

Spanish coach Domènec Torrent, who was originally scheduled to be brought in as Terim’s assistant, began working as a coach on January 14, 2022. The union of the 59-year-old coach and the yellow-red club, which was discussed in the community because they did not perform as expected, lasted five months and seven days.

Trent, who started his mission 21 weeks before the league, left Galatasaray in 13th place and finished in 12th place. The 59-year-old coach, who played 18 games at the beginning of the Super League Galatasaray, played in two UEFA Europa League games.

Domenec Trent, who participated in a total of 20 games at the beginning of Galatasaray, experienced 7 wins, 5 draws and 8 losses.

After a turbulent process, club president Burak Elmas resigned, and the newly elected Dursun Özbek’s management continued to disappoint Spanish coaches, with Trent and his team. The contract has been terminated.

Barcelona loses in UEFA Europa League

Galatasaray, who finished the UEFA Europa League group leader under Fatih Terim’s control, failed to pass the tour during Domènec Torrent.

The yellow-red team under the control of Fatih Terim, who played in Group E at Club Level’s second European football organization this season, is undefeated among the teams of France’s Olympique de Marseille, Italy’s Lazio and Russia’s Lokomotiv Moscow. It remained. I went straight to the last 16 rounds.

Galatasaray played against Spain’s Barcelona, ​​who played in the last 16 rounds under the Trent administration. Yellow Red was eliminated after the 0-0 and 2-1 matches.

Slightly pass Terim with average score

Domènec Torrent, the head of the yellow-red team, outperformed Fatih Terim in this season’s average points.

Galatasaray scored 27 points in 20 Super League games this season, led by Fatih Terim. The yellow-red team, who experienced 7 wins, 6 draws and 7 losses during the period of an experienced coach, scored 24 goals and recognized the same number of goals.

The yellow-red team under Terim’s control averaged 1.35 points per game.

The yellow-red team under Domènec Torrent’s control has played 18 games in the league. Galatasaray, who recorded 7 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses when Trent was at the top of the league, scored 25 points in the match, averaging 1.38 points per match.

During Trent’s run, the yellow-red player was unable to prevent 29 goals in the castle while airing the net 27 times.

The average, which was 0 in the 20th week of Terim’s dismissal, dropped to minus 2 at the end of the season at Trent.

His career before Galatasaray

Trent helped his compatriot Pep Guardiola for most of his career.

A Spanish coach who worked with Guardiola in Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Manchester City took over the New York City team from the US team in June 2018. Torrent, who participated in 60 official games here, had 29 wins, 14 draws and 17 losses.

Trent took over the Brazilian flamengo team in July 2020 after resigning from the United States in November 2019. The 59-year-old coach, who worked here for about 3.5 months, recorded 15 wins, 5 draws and 6 losses in 26 official games.