The Tears of Joseph de Souza: I Can’t Stay in Turkey Anymore

Besiktas footballer Josef De Souza held a press conference about the decision regarding the red card he saw in the Ankaraguec match. Joseph de Souza could not hold back tears, expressing his unease and saying the decision was unfair.The Brazilian footballer announced on his social media that he had decided to leave Turkey. did.

Joseph De Souza, who intervened with the fans who stepped onto the field after Besiktas lost 2-1 to Ankaragüc, spoke of the arbitration committee’s decision regarding him.

Expressing his feelings at a press conference held by black and white clubs, Joseph de Souza could not hold back tears during his speech. It’s not that it’s one game, it’s why such a penalty is given.

After the press conference, Josef de Souza announced in a post shared on his social media accounts that he had decided to leave Turkey.

Josef de Souza says:

“Good evening everyone. First of all, I would like to thank the president of the club, the community and the fans. The amazing support they have shown me over the last few days means a lot to me. It’s been a sad week.I’ve been off the field for a long time.I haven’t been in the team for 4 games.I came back to the team earlier than usual and supported the team day and night.I’m my own team. I helped the referee during the game, something we all know happened, I was acting normal at the time, but I got a one-match suspension, I got a red card, so I accepted this decision. is disappointed

“In the Commonwealth last week…”

“Sometimes in life what you do means more than what you say. A meeting was held at the federation with teachers, athletes and presidents on 2014. A message of unity and solidarity was conveyed.We conveyed a very true and important message against violence.Everyone. However, as it stands, I was unfairly penalized as a result of helping and defending the referee in last week’s game.

“The main question is why the penalty is installed!”

“The fact that this penalty is one game, its size doesn’t really matter. I know I reacted 100% right there, I know I’m protecting my comrades, and the federation will give me a five-match penalty. But the main problem here is that punishment is given as a result of such actions, which I cannot accept. That is why I am disappointed and sorry.”

“Damage to Turkish football”

“I want to ask the citizens. Unfortunately, something very bad happened on the field. Think about this event. If those players or any of us were injured, would people give me a one-game penalty? I think this kind of situation damages the image of Turkish football.”

“I wanted to tell myself”

“I have an important point to make. While yesterday’s arbitration panel was assessing our objections to this decision, the club, myself and our president requested the following: I We took the matter to arbitration and requested that we defend ourselves.The arbitration did not accept this either.I am the person involved.I would like to talk to you about the assessment of this punishment.But unfortunately Nor did the arbitration allow this.”

‘We feel uncertainly safe’

“I am constantly talking to my family about this situation, the punishment I received, and how this punishment was given. It is an undeniable fact that this is not fair. , because of this event, the reaction to it, I have a vague fear that such an event will happen again. It is not an exaggeration to say that there is no. In a way, it creates anxiety. We can conclude that the occurrence of such an event and subsequent action is not sufficient.”

“I have another dream in Turkish football”

“I love this country so much. This country could be the country that gave me everything. The country that makes me complete as a football player and as a person. I love the people of Turkey. I love it.Mostly Besiktas fans but all Turkish fans.Because of this injustice I have some concerns.This is very human.We have big dreams here.Turkey I have dreams of doing other things with football, I won’t give them up, but they loved it, but it made me and my family sad in a way. Thank you so much to everyone who came out and I appreciate my club and I will do my best to stay here as long as I can.”

“I’ve only seen two red cards.”

“This is my 6th year playing football in Turkey. I only had 2 red cards and it was due to VAR. All the professors have a very good idea of ​​me because I am a person who promotes football on the field, and these situations get in the way of my character trying to advance football on the field. I am a person who protects my teammates on the field and I have already expressed my disappointment at this unjust decision.There are players far better than me in terms of talent and career. You’ve always shown your stance as a character very well.These events never get in the way of my personality.Thank you.”

‘I can’t stay in the league, I don’t feel safe’

Posting on Instagram after the press conference, Joseph de Souza said the black and white team will continue to be in contention for the title this season. But the Brazilian midfielder, who said he no longer felt safe, said he could not stay in Turkey.

Josef de Souza’s Instagram description:

“I cry emotionally because of meeting my family and the decisions I made after being unjustly punished. We will do our best to be champions again this season in Besiktas, but even if we stay here for next season, rest assured that if something like this happens again, we will react in the same way. It’s not that I can.Because of my nature, I don’t accept attacks against my teammates and I know that I will be punished.So even if my heart hurts, I can’t stay in a league where I don’t feel safe.”