The teacher was despised by the students

Eyup Sağlık, a teacher who was exposed to the rudeness of students at a private school in Ankara, said he forgave the student in question.

Eyup Sağlık, an English teacher who has been an educator at a private school in the Shinkan district of Ankara for nearly 35 years, was surprised at what to do after one of the students stood up and made a gesture towards himself during class. rice field.

After these images taken by another student were posted on social media, the reaction to the event became avalanche-like.

The Ankara Department of Education has begun investigating the case.

“I was surprised at what was happening.”

Eyup Sağlık, an English teacher who has been an educator for 35 years, talked about his experience.

English teacher health, “When I was concentrating on class at school on Tuesday, a boy suddenly came up. Suddenly I started to feel my hands and arms on my face. I wondered,” What’s wrong? ” rice field.

Rude behavior video for the instructor

“Turkish son can’t lose with one mistake”

I saw the boy behaving very strangely as if he were dancing. Then I took the boy’s hand and let him sit. The next morning, parents and children began to apologize to the child who caught the camera. Of course, we are adults and educators. Of course, Turkish children will not get lost by mistake. Of course, in the past everyone has its drawbacks. This child did not use violence. Yes, he has harmed teachers and professions, but children are unaware.

The teacher, who was despised by the students, spoke the video

“Nothing should happen without permission”

As we learned later, it’s something that happens suddenly to make money on TikTok. In fact, our school admins are very sensitive to this issue and the school has phone lockers. However, I had my children see an unknown word in an English class. It’s a sudden event. There is a petition to the school administrator about the student who gave this to TikTok. Such things should not have happened without permission. “ I used the phrase.

“I forgive myself”

Sağlık said he loved his students so much that he didn’t want to lose them by mistake and spoke to them and their parents after the incident. “We forgive. I met him, I also met his parents. But our State Department of Education has started an investigation. The process of the investigation will tell you. But I forgave him, boy. This is our child, we can’t throw it away. ” He said.

The teacher, who was despised by the students, spoke # 2.

“We should teach him to be human.”

Emphasizing that he received a message of support after the incident and was very pleased and satisfied with the situation, Sağlık said:

“A friend or colleague of the principal of my school I know called. May God bless you. These are all. Let me give you an example.

There was a coach named Gordon Milne who served as Besiktas Champion for three years. When he was defeated, he said, I was taking him as an example. “This happens in football”

And I say, “This happens in education, youth.” But that was a good example. Parents always blame the outside. First we have to look at ourselves, what are our kids doing? We have to listen to our children and our teachers.

Immediate attacks should not be directed at trained workers. The child may not be able to learn the lesson. But the child must be human, we must teach him to be human. Therefore, this may be due to the teacher of education. We did not give any action to the child. We couldn’t tell this kid what to do. On my side, it’s not for other colleagues. I couldn’t teach. “

The teacher, who was despised by the students, said # 3 aloud.