The Sports International Edirne Marathon will be held tomorrow with 1022 athletes

Edirne (DHA)-Sports International Edirne Marathon will be held tomorrow with 1022 athletes

Uğur AKAGÜN DÜZ / ED0054RNE, (DHA)-The kit was distributed to athletes in the International Edirne Marathon tomorrow in Edirne with the participation of 1022 athletes. “We will take the marathon further and transform it into an organization that can work with a few countries,” said Mustafa Yasin Tash, vice chairman of the Turkish Athletics Federation (TAF).

Friendship groups of Edirne, youth and Balkans Sports The Club Association (BUDDER)’s seventh International Edirne Marathon will be held tomorrow. Prior to the marathon, the athlete’s kit was distributed to participants at the Lausanne Memorial on the Kara Arch Campus, where the Thracian University Faculty of Fine Arts is located. After 2022 is declared the year of Edirne, 1022 athletes are expected to participate in the marathon.

The 10- and 21-kilometer marathon begins at the Lausanne Monument. All athletes participating in the marathon symbolically cross the Pazarcre border gate and run in the direction of Edirne. Athletes traveling 10 km will return to the Lausanne Monument from the Protocol House to complete the course. Athletes traveling 21 km will head towards the Selimiye Mosque in the direction of the bazaar and complete the marathon at the Lausanne Monument after a tour around Selimiye.

“We want it to be known in our country.”

TAF Vice President Mustafa Yasin Tash and Bader President Ondel Akdag also attended the athlete kit distribution ceremony. “This organization is sponsored with financial support and will be very important in a city like Edirne,” said Tash, who continues to support the Edirne International Marathon as a federation. Edirne is one of the most important organizations. It is one of our cities that served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, as well as a legendary venue like Krkupnal. Two days ago in recent years. I saw the Kakaba Festival, which shows that Edirne has made a huge leap in art and culture. As an athletics federation, we are realizing all this potential at the same time. And to internationalize it. In this sense, it’s very likely. “

“Edirne Marathon, Cross-border Marathon”

Tash said he aims to host the Edirne International Marathon in a few countries over the next few years, “very close to the Balkans, with four countries ready to participate within two hours. There is. See such races in the next few years. There is an Istanbul Marathon connecting two continents. It is the only organization in the world. Ataturk arrived in Ankara at the Great Ataturklan. This is the longest. It’s one of the races that’s going on. The Edirne Marathon is a cross-border marathon that sets it apart from other marathons. We will organize the country. What we can do together. “

AKDAĞ: Refer to the year of Edirne with 1022 athletes

President Ondel Akdag said the Edirne International Marathon would be a good organization for Turkey and Edirne, saying, “We will be hosting the 7th International Edirne Marathon on May 8, 2022. Today we are athletes at the Lausanne Memorial. Meet at. Get the kit. The start and finish will also take place. In 2022, we will gather 1022 athletes in Edirne and organize an organization based on the year of Edirne. This is ours. I think it will be a good organization for the country and our city. Sports The community will be happy to see it. “

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