‘The signing ceremony in Ankara was much better than the one at PSG’ – TRT Spor


Jesé Rodriguez, a new transfer to the UEFA Champions League-winning yellow-dark-blue team who played for important clubs such as Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in his career, interviewed Anadolu Agency for the first time in Turkey. rice field.
Yesé told AA correspondent why he came to Ancaraguçu, his memories at Real Madrid, the process he spent at PSG and his thoughts on former team-mates Karim Benzema, Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe.
The experienced footballer said he was very pleased with the attention of Ankaragüc’s fans and compared the signing ceremony held for him by PSG in 2016 to the organization Ankaragüc had organized. .
Remembering that he moved to PSG for €25m and the promotion took place at the stadium, the 29-year-old Attacker said: “The signing ceremony in Ankara was much better than the one at PSG. I will never forget the atmosphere I used to live here.I will do everything I can for this wonderful community.Ankaragücü The fans have welcomed me so kindly. I can’t wait to play for. I’m really impressed with the club’s project. -15 players. I used the phrase, to be at my best physically.

He explained that he was very encouraged by the fans’ attention and said, “I will give everything on the field to make the fans happy.” “I have seen Turkish football before, mainly in European cups,” Djeze said. He said.

“Guti inspired me to come to Ankaragiju”

Remembering playing with Hamit Altuntop, Nuri Sahin and Mesut Ozil at Real Madrid, Yesé continued:
“When I was little, I played for Real Madrid with Nuri, Mesut and Hamit. I have always had a good relationship with the Turkish people. One of the names he said that Turkey is a very beautiful place and I was very excited by his words.This is an important factor when I choose Ankaragucu was.”
The experienced footballer expressed that they aim to be a good team and said, “It feels so good to play for Ankaragüçu. The best thing we can do now is play it every day.” The first thing to do is to prepare step by step for the league and watch the games one by one. I was.

Yese to PSG. “Money can’t buy happiness”


Jesse Rodriguez said his time at PSG didn’t go his way and he didn’t think it was right that the French club was trying to reach the Champions League.
“It wasn’t the most positive experience of my life, but every experience in life is a win.” Summing up his time at PSG, Yesé said he failed to win the UEFA Champions League trophy the French team wanted. I made the following decisions about what I didn’t do:
“In my personal opinion, money can’t buy happiness. You can have good players, but you don’t have a good team. When that happens, it’s difficult to succeed. The quality, career and size of the players in PSG’s team has a lot to do with it. They are all great players. But football is not a game played by name. It is a team game. It’s not because they have big players, it’s like PSG but they’re a decent team.”

‘Benzema is being treated unfairly’

Jesé Rodriguez has criticized the fact that his former teammate Benzema, who contributed greatly to Real Madrid’s success, did not win the ‘Golden Ball’ (Ballon d’Or) award.
Benzema has a great personality, and Djese said: “Benzema has been mistreated for two or three years. He deserved to win the Ballon d’Or two or three years ago. will reap the fruits of his hard work in.Ronaldo is also a really special person.His footballer has already achieved great success.I met him and our communication continues. For me, Ronaldo is the name I choose when comparing Ronaldo and Messi.”

‘I expected Mbappe to go to Real Madrid’

Jesse said he was surprised that former team-mate Mbappe, who has extended his contract with PSG, did not move to Real Madrid. It didn’t happen.In the future, even if a transfer materializes, Florentino Pérez is a very serious person.Pérez never focuses on people and always thinks about the interests of the team. Said.
Remembering his career with such important coaches as Carlo Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho, Zinedine Zidane, Thomas Tuchel and Unai Emery, Jese said: “Carlo Ancelotti has been with me in my career. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve worked with.He has an incredible personality.That’s what matters.Of course personality comes first.And he’s been a very good coach.I’ve worked with All my coaches have left an important mark on me.If I had to choose a name, this would be Ancelotti.He has made the greatest contribution to my personal development. I made that assessment.
Jesse, “Can you tell me the best 11 that you’ve played?” To his question, he replied, “This is a very difficult question. Let me answer. I have to say a trio of forwards. Then I would say Ronaldo and Benzema.” He concluded his speech.

Q&A with Jessie

Below is a brief response given by Jese Rodriguez to one word said by an AA correspondent.

soccer: my life
Real Madrid: Monopoly
PSG: good experience
Zinedine Zidane: wonderful
Carlo Ancelotti: the best
Cristiano Ronaldo: the best player
Champions League: best moments of my life
Ankaragücü: Future.