The secret of the Russian soldier tag!Look where it came out when I called that number

When the Russian-Ukraine War enters the 18th day, the conflict continues with all violence. Russians prefer to bring fighters from Syria, while both sides call in mercenaries from the outside. In this regard, Hürriyet writer Fati Chekirge wrote a noteworthy article based on the tag of a murdered Russian soldier.

Geneva rules are not the last

Ukrainian city police found a tag on a murdered Russian soldier. The publisher contains warnings in Arabic, English and Spanish. “Help me, please contact us.”

Just below the stamp is your email address and phone number. So who does he call “us”? Where can I find my phone number? To the Russian Ministry of Defense?

Curiously, I called the phone number with a tag. Arabic speech from tape … Syria came out … Russian soldier tags include English, Arabic and Spanish. But there is no Russian …

This mysterious tag doesn’t really belong to a Russian soldier. In the last quarter of the world … it belongs to a group of mercenaries that we can call the dirtyest faces of war and brutality. Wagner …

English is okay. But why is it Arabic in Ukraine? Obviously, the “Arabic script” indicates that Wagner members had previously fought in Syria and Libya …

Well Spanish … probably Panama, Colombia. In areas like Central Africa … as you can see, in action movies we are faced with a real version of the role of “mercenary” doing all sorts of dirty work against “moral soldiers” …

These are the so-called volunteer soldiers Putin said “I’ll take you to Ukraine” … and that tag indicates they’re already there … of course we want war not here…

But there is also morality in war … unfortunately … there is no such thing as Geneva’s rules anymore. World powers have begun to use “mercenaries” … America has used the darkest mercenary organizations in the world, such as Iraq’s “blackwater”. Similar organizations are used in Syria.

Now Russia is bringing these mercenaries back to Ukraine … this is the “trace” of Ukraine. This is the final version of “Dirty War” in three languages ​​…


So what’s special about these mercenaries?

There is no morality. I’m not sorry. There is no distinction between military and civilian. There are no prisoners. There are all kinds of torture, all kinds of looting. Wagner mercenaries were first seen in Libya in April 2019 after rebel General Khalifa Haftar attacked a UN-backed government in the capital Tripoli.

Before that, they were in Syria … they have fatal wounds to Mozambique, Sudan, and Central Africa … Note the following words of the mercenaries in the latest BBC study:

“There is no clear code of ethics in the Libyan war. In other words, if there is no information passed by the prisoners of war or they cannot act as” slaves “, the results are clear. So … “Kill”

He pretended to be dead and ran away

When Libyan villagers talked about pretending to be dead while their relatives were being killed, people saw the brutality of the dirty war more clearly.

Andrey Chuplygin, an expert on the Russian International Relations Council, explains the position of the Russian government:

“Let’s get them involved in this and see what the consequences are. Hopefully you can use this to your advantage. If it goes wrong, we have nothing to do with it. There is none.”

Like a movie:

“I don’t know if I’ll get caught …”

Free loot

Former Wagner soldier Marat Gavidulin has revealed to the world the brutal reality of mercenaries.

“For example, it was impossible to occupy an oil field with these weapons and the amount of ammunition available. But the commander ordered the army to advance. When you step on a mine like an idiot. , You are no longer a commander, but a businessman. Occupy an oil field and you will be rewarded. “

Yes, Russia is attacking Ukraine.

But he sends mercenaries to cities of no moral value.

This tag found is a document of this immorality and savagery …