The season is over in five big leagues in Europe-TRTSpor

Germany’s Bavarian Munich, France’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Spain’s Real Madrid, England’s Manchester City and Italy’s Milan announced their championships last week.

Bayern Munich, Milan and Real Madrid, one of Europe’s most renowned football clubs, won the league championship for the first time in history during the same season.

Manchester City take the lead in the English Premier League

The 38th week of the league Championship Fight was a very exciting scene. Manchester City, one point ahead of Liverpool, hosted Aston Villa in the last match. Liverpool hosted Wolverhampton.

Aston Villa took the 1-0 lead with a 37-minute goal from Cash. Aston Villa increased their lead with Coutinho to two in the 69th minute while Manchester City were looking for a goal.

Turkey-born German soccer player Ilkay Gundoan, who played in the match in the 68th minute, changed the fate of the match. Manchester City looked forward to a match against Ilkay in the 76th minute and scored a tie with Rodri’s goal two minutes later.

Ilkay, who returned to the stage in the 81st minute of the match, was able to leave the field with Manchester City winning 3-2.

Liverpool, meanwhile, lags behind Neto’s goal in the 3rd minute, but wins 3-1 with Manet’s 24th minute, Salah’s 84th minute and Robertson’s 89th minute.

As a result, Manchester City increased their score to 93, one point ahead of Liverpool, second, fourth in the last five years, and eighth in total.

Tottenham defeated Norwich City 5-0 and finished the league in 4th place with 71 points. Tottenham became the last team to play in the UEFA Champions League, following Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

Burnley was the last team to be demoted after Norwich City and Watford. Burnley, who lost 2-1 to host Newcastle United, scored 35 points and entered the championship by 3 points behind Leeds United.

Milan won the Italian Serie A 11 years later

In the 38th week of the Italian First Football League (Serie A), Milan defeated Sassuolo 3-0 to finish the 2021-202 season as a champion.

In Serie A’s 2021-202 season, the championship knot was untied in the 38th week. In the last week of the league, leader Milan confronted Sassuolo, and leader’s closest follower, Inter, hosted Sampdoria in the field.

National football players Melt Mürdur and Kaan Ayhan started in the first 11 and played 90 minutes at Sassuolo, where guest Milan finished the first half 3-0 with goals from Olivier Giroud and Franck Kessié in the 17th and 32nd minutes. rice field. 36 minutes.

When there were no other goals in the second half of the match, Milan defeated Sassuolo 3-0, scoring 86 points in the league and becoming the champion of the 2021-202 season. The red-black team reached a happy ending after spending 11 years in Serie A.

Milan caught up with rival Intel last year by increasing the number of championships in Serie A to 19. The team that still has the most championships in Serie A is Juventus 36 times.

After Milan defeated Sassuolo to become the champion, red-black fans enthusiastically celebrated the 11-year-old championship.

Meanwhile, Milan rivals Intel and Juventus also celebrated the title with a Twitter message.

“Congratulations to Milan. It was a great fight this season, and next year,” said Inter. “We congratulate Milan on winning the 2021-2022 season in Serie A,” Juventus said. I made a statement.

Meanwhile, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who was on the team during the 2010-2011 season when Milan was the last Serie A champion, contributed to the team by scoring eight goals in 26 games in the championship league. I built history by doing. He came 11 years later. The 40-year-old striker, undressed in the Sassuolo match, took the place of Olivier Giroud in the 72nd minute. Ibrahimovic won the Serie A Championship for the second time in a red-black jersey.

When Milan won, it wasn’t enough for Inter to win

Inter, whose team includes national football player Hakan Calhanor, played against Sampdoria at the San Siro Stadium in Milan.

In the match where Calhanor started in the first 11 minutes and played for 90 minutes, Inter beat Ivan Perisic in the 49th minute and Joaquin Correa 3-0 in the 55th and 57th minutes.

Despite winning the Inter match, leader Milan also beat Sassuolo 3-0, leaving Milan second in the league with 84 points.

In Serie A, one of the ambitious teams of the season, Naples, beat Spezia 3-0 to finish the league in 3rd place with 79 points.

Real Madrid declare their 35th title

Real Madrid became the champion of the 2021-202 season in Spain’s 1st Football League (Liga). Real Madrid have declared their 35th championship in their history.

Real Madrid, who failed to take the lead in the second week of the season, finished the league and became the champion, 13 points ahead of their closest rival Barcelona.

Barcelona, ​​who finished second with 73 points in LaLiga, where Real Madrid won the championship, will join the Champions League next season with Atletico Madrid (71) and Sevilla (70).

Real Betis, who finished fifth in the league, will play in the UEFA Europa League, while Real Sociedad in sixth and Villarreal in seventh will play in the UEFA Conference League.

The teams that fell from LaLiga were listed as Arabes, Levante and Granada.

Bayern Munich, Milan and Real Madrid became champions for the first time in the same season

Bayern Munich, Milan and Real Madrid, one of Europe’s most renowned football clubs, won the league championship for the first time in history during the same season.

Bayern Munich, Milan and Real Madrid all made their mark in football history with success both in the European Cup and across the country and became the first league champions in 2022.

This season, Bayern Munich has increased the German Bundesliga Championship record to 32. Milan celebrated its happy ending in Italy’s 1st Division (Serie A) for the first time in 11 years, marking the 19th time in history. Real Madrid, the most successful team in the Spanish First League (Liga), has increased the number of championships to 35.

Bayern Munich achieves 10 consecutive victories

In the German First Football League (Bunderisga) last week, Bayern Munich won the 32nd time in a row for 10 times.

Bayern Munich finished at the top of the league with 77 points and Borussia Dortmund finished second with 69 points.

Bayer Leverkusen finished fourth in the league with 64 points and Leipzig with 58 points.

PSG ranked 10th overall

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) won the French First Football League (League 1) for the 10th time overall.

In this way, PSG has caught up with Saint-Etienne, the team with the most championships in the league.

Olympique de Marseille is PSG’s closest follower, finishing the league at the top with 86 points and scoring 71 points.